How to Change Display Name in MultiVersus | Easy Guide

change display name multiversus

In MultiVersus there is no option to change your display name from the settings, which is why a lot of people are confused, and rightly so. However, there is an easy way to change your display name.

How to Change Display Name in MultiVersus

Step 1: Go to MultiVersus’ Website

You need to go to MultiVersus’s website.

Step 2: Sign In Your Account

In the upper right corner of the website, you can see the Sign in to your MultiVerse account button. Click on it and sign in to your account.

Step 3: Go to Settings

When you click on your profile name in the upper right corner, you can see the “Settings” option. Click on it to get redirected to the page where you can change your MultiVerse display name.

Step 4: Change Your Display Name

In the “Account Information” tab you can see your MultiVerse display name. Click on the pencil icon to change your name. Enter the new display name and click on Update to save changes.

It might take a while to update your display name in the game. However, once done everyone who adds you or views your profile will see the name you set.

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