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World of Tanks Hacks Features and Preventions in 2021

Are you tired of dying to World of Tanks Hacks users? All users are officially allowed to use some mods in the game. However, there are some banned mods that give users an unfair advantage. So we will go over the extreme level mod features that WOT hackers use and how to tackle them.

World of Tank Hacks ModPack Features

These are the main features of using this best hack WOT mod pack:

  • FALLEN TREES & DESTROYED OBJECTS – shows enemy movements if they destroy anything on minimap like trees, railings, house
  • LASERS – lasers from the trunks of technology
  • AIMBOT – aimbot
  • RED PILLAR VIEW RANGE – show markers for vehicles outside of view range
  • SHADOW – show models of the disappeared enemy vehicle for a certain time
  • INSIGHTFUL – shows if an enemy is spotted and if you can hit it
  • TWEAKS – many different add-ons
  • TUNDRA – removal of all trees and bushes in sniper mode
  • BLACK SKY – makes the sky color black
  • RELOADING – display reloading of teammates and enemies
  • AUTO REPAIR – repair, automatic fire extinguisher
  • BREAKABLE – removal of objects through which ammo can pass
  • LAST SHOT – an indication of where the enemy last fired shot from 
  • REDBALL – Shows where to fire artillery by calculating enemy tanks speed and direction
  • XRAYS – can see the hidden enemy behind objects
  • SHARPSHOOTER – a marker of pre-emption

IMPORTANT NOTE: All these mods are prohibited and may lead to account blocking.

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World of Tanks Hack Gameplay

Brief details of all banned mods and hacks of WOT


The WOT X-RAY hack allows you to see the outlines of the enemy tanks, even if the enemy tank is hidden behind any obstacle.

It should be emphasized that X-ray is not a “wallhack” class mod. It is an ESP or X-RAY hack which highlights enemies behind walls. The modification reveals the outlines of just the highlighted tanks and their position is already displayed with a red symbol on the minimap.

world of tanks hacks x-ray


Every tank has a reload time, and sometimes during combat, a player dies because the vehicle could reload faster. Now you will be able to know after how many seconds the enemy tank can shoot using the RELOADING hack. This advantage can help you understand when you may go in the open to attack the opponent and when it is best to sit behind cover.

world of tanks reloading hack


Cheat mod RED PILLARS reveals the location of the enemy tank, with a highly prominent red pillar in this area outside of your view range. If you shoot at the base of the pillar, there are chances you might hit the vehicle.



Once the destructible mod on the WOT minimap is active, information on all destructible items placed on the map is shown from the first second round. The coordinates of the “damaged” object will be displayed instantly on the minimum using a distinctive mark when one of the enemy tanks begins to collide with trees or destroy objects, like walls.


It is important that you do not knock over trees, fences, or any kind of objects otherwise the enemy would know that there is someone coming from this position. This tip is especially important when you are the last person left.


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