Elden Ring: May Erudition Light the Way Puzzle Solution

May Erudition Light the Way Puzzle

New missions, places, maps, objects, weapons, and viewpoints are constantly being added to Elden Ring universe for players to experience. Players of Elden Ring are kept busy in part by the game’s puzzles.

The puzzle “May Erudition Light the Way” is intriguing, but its solution requires you to go through a number of steps. But don’t worry, we’ve got a full walkthrough to assist you.

Elden Ring May Erudition Light the Way Puzzle Walkthrough 

Step 1: Collect Academy Glintstone Key

As the sorcerer Thops has been shut out of the Academy of Raya Lucaria, he has enlisted your help in retrieving the Glintstone Key. Make your way back to the Grace Site of Debate. 

Make your climb up some debris to a spot where you will encounter grunts and a single mage. After that, you need to follow the left-hand staircase to a room with a grunt and two mages. Defeat all of the enemies and head towards the balcony.

By jumping from the balcony and over various roofs you will get to a chandelier. The key to Glintstone Academy will be hanging from the ceiling chandelier.

Academy Glintstone Key location

Step 2: Give Thops the Glintstone Academy Key

In Liurnia, you may find Thops seated on a bench outside the Church of Irith, close to the city’s entrance. You need to talk to him and hand him the Glintstone Academy Key. Thops will then give you the “Erudition Gesture.”

Step 3: Obtain Karolos Glintstone Crown 

The Glintstone crown is found in the Legacy Dungeon that leads to Rennala, Raya Lucaria Academy. Enter the basement and go to the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, which is patrolled by the Red Wolf of Radagon, a ferocious wolf boss.

The courtyard may be accessed from the Debate Parlor Site of Grace via double doors. Axe-wielding foes await you, so proceed with caution. Locate the little crab with the blue Glintstone lodged in its shell, lurking in the grass. If you manage to kill this crab, you’ll be awarded the Karolos Glintstone Crown.

Step 4: Solve the Converted Tower and Converted Fringe Tower Puzzles

You may use the stuff you’ve gathered to solve riddles in the Converted Tower and Converted Fringe Tower found in Liurna. Since “May Erudition Light the Way” serves as the clue for both towers, the answers are also quite similar. 

To solve the May Erudition Light the Way tower puzzle you need to wear the Karolos Glintstone Crown and make the Erudition gesture. This will unlock new rewards for you.

The consequences of the gesture vary across the Converted Tower and Converted Fringe Tower.

Converted Tower Reward

After you solve the Erudition Puzzle in the Converted Tower, a magic ladder will appear. You can climb to get a Memory Stone. 

Converted Fringe Tower Reward

After you solve the Erudition Puzzle in the Converted Fringe Tower, a doorway will open which will lead you to the Gavel of Haima and Cannon of Haima spells in this tower. 

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