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hack pokemon go in 2021

Top 5 Pokemon GO Hacks 2021 that Only Super Pros Use

Are you looking for Pokemon GO hacks 2021? If yes, then you have to the right place. We will guide you to how you can hack Pokemon Go on your phone. We know that it is hard for you to get out of your home during the ongoing pandemic, but even if it wasn’t a pandemic, most of us have jobs. Hence, we have to use some other ways!

How to hack Pokemon GO in 2021?

We have an incredibly detailed post about how to hack Pokemon GO in 2021 using apps. Hence, today we are going to tell you what are the methods and what features are available in the Pokemon GO hacking apps.

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Popular Pokemon Go Hacks 2021

Here are the ways users can use to hack Pokemon GO:

1. Spoofing or GPS hack

Spoofing is by far the most prevalent Pokemon GO cheating method. Trainers may now capture a variety of unusual Pokemon that they would not ordinarily be able to catch. Spoofing works by manipulating the phone to trick the GPS into thinking it is at a different place. Pokemon GO gamers will next be given a joystick to allow them to wander about in the new location. This trick has a wide range of uses. Players can impersonate themselves in region-locked areas to capture Pokemon. This can also apply when particular events, such as the forthcoming events for Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, take place solely in specified locations.

Pokemon Go Hacks 2021

Spoofing may also be used to get extra time during Spotlight Hours and raid hours. If a player wishes to load up on a certain Pokemon throughout a Spotlight Hour and reap the benefits of the rewards twice as soon as the hour ends, they can spoof to a place with a later time zone. Users then can “go through” the Spotlight Hour again, capturing additional Pokemon and perhaps gaining double XP, Stardust, and so on.

2. Bot

Botting is another common hack that gamers employ to hack their accounts to higher levels (40+ Pokemon GO levels usually). Botting means that your Pokemon character catches all nearby Pokémon in a specific location. The bots automatically collect Pokémon, making you the most passive Pokémon trainer on the planet. Moreover, you can make bots do multiple things. Botting features include:

  • Automatic spin Pokestop Go hack
  • Automatic catch nearby Pokemon Go hack
  • Auto move in Pokemon Go hack

3. Win all Pokemon Battles

Most hacks in Pokemon GO allow you to win all battles except the leagues. It means you can win against any Rocket League character and Pokemon Go Grunts without taking any damage. It usually is super hard to win against the Rocket League but with hacks, it is super easy.

Pokemon Go Hacks 2021

4. Auto-IV checkers:

Usually, you can appraise your Pokemons to see how strong they are, else than that, there is no way. However, with the Pokemon GO hacks 2021 available for free, anyone can check their IVs. Hence, you can check a Pokemon’s IV before catching them. Moreover, the paid version of some hacks even allows you to catch only 100 IV Pokemons. It is used so that you can only have the strongest Pokemons in your inventory.

5. Catch Shiny Only

The catch shiny only option lets you catch only shiny Pokemons! Shiny Pokemon GO hack will only let users catch special and rare Pokemons. These rare Pokemons are super hard to find and which is why only the paid option lets you do this. Moreover, another feature of the catch-only shiny hack is that it even alerts you if a shiny is nearby. If you can combine this option with the bot, then you can catch hundreds of shiny Pokemons in a single day without even doing anything!

Pokemon Go Hacks 2021

These are the top five Pokemon GO hacks 2021 that people are using. There are tons of other hacks of Pokemon GO, but these are the most used ones. Let us know in the comments, which hack option you find the most useful.


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