Kahoot Rocks: Auto Answering Hack to Get the First Prize

kahoot rocks hacks free

Many people are looking to get auto answering software or Kahoot hacks which are hard to get by these days. However, with Kahoot Rocks, all of this changes. Kahoot Rocks is an auto answering bot that helps you ace your quiz by answering correctly for you.

How does Kahoot Rocks Work

Kahoot Rocks operates by posing as a normal user of Kahoot but it will hack Kahoot and answer every quiz correctly. As the quiz progresses, the bot will reduce the number of potential choices till there is just one. Because of how this operates, the bot usually knows the right solutions well before the question is even asked. If the bot doesn’t know the answer and could not retrieve the solutions for whatever issues, it will respond randomly.

How to use Kahoot Rocks

Here are the steps that you need to follow to use Kahoot Rocks:

  1. Go to Kahoot Rocks.
  2. Now copy the Game Pin of the hosted game and paste it in the Kahoot Rocks.
  3. Choose a suitable name. (This will be the name shown to others in the Kahoot game.)
  4. Now click on Join Game, and you will be joined in the game with your selected name.
  5. From the Kahoot quiz link, you have to copy your quiz id and paste it in the Quiz UUID section present in Kahoot Rocks. For example, if the quiz link is https://play.kahoot.it/v2/gameover?quizId=1f76d2dd-4353-4d9a-ab57-71ea9607d050, then I will copy and paste only the highlighted part.
  6. Now set the Answer delay time. The recommended settings are a minimum of 1000 and a maximum of 3000.
  7. Change the accuracy if you want, and then start the quiz.

After doing so, you can do anything you want without having to worry about the quiz. 

How to add multiple Kahoot Rocks bots

You can add more clients or participants to the quiz by clicking on the bot icon present on the right bottom corner of your screen. Those bots will have the same settings as your first bot.

Kahoot Rocks Hack Proof
Kahoot Rocks Proof

What can you use Kahoot for?

Kahoot Rocks can typically be used if someone doesn’t know the answers to all the questions or just doesn’t want to bother answering them. However, they may also be utilized if there is a reward for coming in first or any other bonuses. You may also utilize Kahoot Rocks hacks for any other purpose you choose, and there are no regulations.


Does Kahoot Rocks Answers All Questions Correctly

Kahoot Rocks answers all questions correctly if you have set it up correctly. The accuracy of Kahoot answers is designed to be 100%. The only variable here is the speed of it.

Is this Kahoot Answer Hack Script

No, you only have to connect the Kahoot answer bot using Google and start it. You do not have to manually use any scripts.

Do I need to use Kahoot Answer Hack Extension

No, you do not need to use any extension for this Kahoot auto answer hack free.

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