Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Monsters List (Complete)

monster hunter rise sunbreak monsters

Want to know what monsters you will see in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

Is there a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monster list you’d want to see? Now that we’ve waited so long, we can finally go to the realm of Elgado and take on even more monsters, and creatures of the creepy-crawly kind.

Rematches with classic enemies from the basic game are common under the new Master Rank system. What you’re probably asking is how many new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak creatures and varieties there are in the expansion. Worry not as we have compiled some recent leaks about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s upcoming monsters. Fortunately most of them are confirmed because of trusted sources.

All the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Monsters

Eleven new creatures have been added to Monster Hunter: Rise, along with six new variations. In total there are seventeen confirmed Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Monsters. Defeating them unlocks additional encounters, most of which are hidden behind urgent objectives you must accomplish in order to move through the Master Ranks. At the conclusion of the game, you’ll find a few more that aren’t open to everyone. To become a Master and face the most difficult monsters in the game, you’ll need to grind encounters with every monster.

  1. Daimyo Hemitaur
  2. Blood Orange Bishaten
  3. Garangolm
  4. Shogun Ceanataur
  5. Aurora Somnacanth
  6. Lunagaron
  7. Astalos
  8. Seregios
  9. Magma Almudron
  10. Espinas
  11. Gore Magala
  12. Pyre Rakna-Kadaki
  13. Malzeno
  14. Shagaru Magala
  15. Gaismagorm
  16. Furious Rajang
  17. Scorned Magnamalo

All of Monster Hunter: World’s newest foes can be found at the moment. More are on the way, including two in August 2022: Seething Bazelgeuse and Lucent Nargacuga, as we well know. As soon as we get more information, we will update this list and the Hunter Rank criteria for any new monsters.

As more creatures are shown and verified, the general consensus is that there will be an onslaught. These are the only ones that have been identified so far. Only time will tell whether Monster Hunter: Rise of the Sunbreak will get any new species.

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