Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization | ROK Guide 2022

rise of kingdoms best civilization 2022

With each new update Rise of Kingdoms civilizations get nerfed or buffed, new civilizations are added, and so much is changed that it is hard to keep up. But don’t worry, as, in this ROK Guide, we will tell you about the best civilizations you need to choose in 2022.

There are a number of factors to consider while selecting a civilization for your playthrough. Early, mid and late in the game, there are certain civilizations that are better than others. Hence, in this guide, we’ve ranked all of Rise of Kingdoms’ best civilizations accordingly.

Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization for Early/Starting Game:

The best early game civilization in Rise of Kingdoms is China because of its unmatched bonuses and commander Sun Tzu. No matter what your playstyle is China suits everyone as well, which also removes the playstyle limitation. Whatever you do China’s bonuses will always help you win.

Here are the bonuses that China civilization gets in ROK:

  • Increase Troop Defense by 3% 
  • Increase Action point recovery by 5% 
  • Increase Building speed by 5 % 

Why China is the Best Early Game Civilization?

1. Best Early Bonuses

First, let’s talk about bonuses. In the early game, you need to progress or build as fast as you can, unlike the endgame where you need to strengthen your already built defenses and army. However, in the early game, the person having the most buildings is the stronger one. 

Also, creating buildings in the early game is cheaper as compared to the end/late game, so every stater player will have the resources, but the one with the fastest building speed wins. The China civilization gets increased building speed by 5%, which makes them the best choice for the early game. 

2. Best Early Commander

In 2022 the best civilization guide for Rise of Kingdoms, one must take into account the commanders as well, and China has the best high-tier epic commander Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu has an AOE function and also works well with any commanders you pair him up with.

However, if you still feel you should go with any civilization except China as your starter in ROK, then you could go for Vikings, Japan, Arabia, or Ottoman Empire.

RankRise of Kingdoms Civilization
SChina, Japan, Vikings
AGermany, Ottoman Empire
BArabia, Rome
CByzantium, Spain
DFrance, Korea
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Early Game Tier List

Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization for Mid-Game:

France is the best civilization in the mid-game because of its 20% healing speed, which is very useful for free-to-play gamers. It also provides you a premium stat, which gives 3% extra health for ALL UNITS.

Here are the bonuses that France civilization gets in ROK:

  • Increase Troop Health by 3% 
  • Increase Wood Gathering Speed by 10%
  • Increase Hospital Healing Speed by 20%

Why France is the Best Mid-Game Civilization?

France gives you extra health 3% extra health to all your troops which is why you can go with a mixed army, unlike many other civilizations that are specialized and require you to focus on a single unit.

Also, with all the fighting and wars, your troops require healing time, and France gives you a huge bonus of 20% healing speed. It means your troops will be ready for battle faster as compared to your enemies.

The third bonus isn’t too great but getting a resource like wood faster than the normal rate isn’t too bad either.

If you want other Mid-Game civilizations except for France you could go for China, Germany, Arabia, and Britain.

RankRise of Kingdoms Civilization
AGermany, China, Britain, Arabia
BVikings, Korea, Japan, Ottoman Empire
DByzantium, Rome
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Mid-Game Tier List

Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization for Late/End Game:

The late/end game ROK best civilization is arguably Ottoman Empire. Even though there are S Tier options here like the Vikings.

Here are the bonuses that Ottoman Empire civilization gets in ROK:

  • Increases Archer Health by 5%
  • Increases Troop March Speed by 5%
  • Active Skill Damage by 5%
RankRise of Kingdoms Civilization
SOttoman Empire, Vikings, France
AGermany, Rome, Arabia,
BChina, Korea
DJapan, Spain
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization End Game Tier List


Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization for Early Game: China

Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization for Mid-Game: France

Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization for Late/End Game: Ottoman Empire

That’s it for our Rise of Kingdoms best civilization guide for 2022 if you think we have missed any content about ROK’s civilizations please leave a comment below.

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