The Quarry Couch Co Op: Total Players & How to Play

the quarry couch co op mode

The Quarry Couch co op mode is one of the bravest decisions by the developers, but little is known by gamers about it. Like how many players can play couch co-op mode and how to play it. All your questions are answered here.

Why is it a brave decision by the developers you ask? That’s because “Couch co-op,” “local co-op,” or “single-player co-op” games refer to cooperative games meant to be played by several participants on the same display screen. There are very few games that have such support due to their decreasing popularity. Hence, including it in such a game is a brave move.

Although it is a brave move, it doesn’t mean the game doesn’t fit the requirements of Couch co-op. In fact, the game is extremely suitable for Couch co-op mode and would give users one of the best gaming experiences they can have.

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the quarry couch co op mode

How Many Players Can Play The Quarry Couch Co Op Mode?

A total of eight players can play in The Quarry Couch Co-Op mode. Using the game’s main menu, choose “couch co-op” and give each player a character. Each participant is in charge of their selected character and is free to make their own decisions. When a player dies, the controller is given to the character that is presently in charge of the game.

Supermassive Games announced in a tweet two weeks prior to the game’s lunch that online multiplayer will be delayed. As it still requires to be polished, the online multiplayer has been postponed until July 8.

In order to play with others online, you’ll need to have the same system and a copy of the title on that console. However, you don’t have to be online to participate in couch co-op mode. You should extend the decision-making to give your friends more time to vote. To do this you simply need to navigate to the accessibility menu from the main menu and change it. 

Afterward, you may continue playing the game as usual and ask your friends to vote on one of the options. You have the option of going with the majority of votes once everyone has participated.

Counting your own ballots reduces the efficiency of the voting system, but it also eliminates the possibility that players may make poor selections only to make fun of the other players. 

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