Comparison between Cyberpunk and Saints Row

Cyberpunk vs Saints Row’s character creation – 4 reasons why one is Amazing

No matter how both the games are, we are just here to talk about Cyberpunk vs Saints Row’s character creation and customization in these games. Cyberpunk is praised a lot for its character creation and its gender choices, and that’s great. But let’s not forget that the Saints Row series did it first and was way ahead for its time. You might be thinking that it is all praises for Saints Row and a reason to devalue Cyberpunk, but that’s not true, and we will take a look into that as well when deciding the winner in Cyberpunk 2077 vs Saints Row comparison.

Cyberpunk vs Saints row

Cyberpunk vs Saints Row

We are going to look at the Cyberpunk vs Saints Row character creation and not other aspects like gameplay, settings, and story.

Let’s compare Cyberpunk vs Saints Row both the games to find which one has a better character creation. First let’s talk about the quantity, by which I mean the number of things one can customize in their character. As the number of options available to change the character’s appearance or looks makes a player feel in control of the game. 

Number of options

This is an obvious win for Saints Row in the Cyberpunk 2077 vs Saints Row feud because it has tons of options that let you change every small bit of your characters. Some of the vast features that can be changed are Brow Spacing, Eye Style, Nose Elevation, and hundreds of other stuff. In contrast to Cyberpunk which seems to have limited options when compared to Saints Row. In Cyberpunk vs Saints Row war Cyberpunk also has a lot of options that let you customize your character in every manner, still, these options are not as diverse as the ones which Saints Row offers.

Details of Character

It took 8+ years to build Cyberpunk 2077, and in 2020 it was released whereas the latest Saints Row game was released in 2015 which is quite a difference dictating the winner here in Cyberpunk 2077 vs Saints Row. In this timespan technology progressed, giving game creators better tools and platforms to release their games. Cyberpunk is a gorgeous game with stunning graphics along with great attention to detail. If you zoom in on your character’s hair, you can see them growing out individually, your character’s clothes are a lot more detailed and so much more.

However, in Saints Row, the graphics are moderate, and there isn’t much attention to detail to talk about. The reason might be because of their art style or approach and the lack of new technology. The winner in Cyberpunk 2077 vs Saints Row detail is obviously Cyberpunk.


This is a difficult area because in Cyberpunk vs Saints Row both games have different ways to create a personality. In Saints Row, you can change the character’s personality, however, in Cyberpunk, the personality is constantly changed by your choices. The personality or traits are diverse in Saints Row but mostly are as a showcase only, which is the opposite of what happens in Cyberpunk because your traits can be upgraded and change according to your choices. Hence, there is no clear winner in the Cyberpunk vs Saints Row personality/traits part, it all depends on what you like.

Table Comparison: Cyberpunk 2077 vs Saints Row

You can view the player in Cyberpunk vs Saints Row customization tabs and even compare the two:

Saints RowCyberpunk 2077
Race Presets
Skin (55 shades)
Body mask (3 tan lines)
Age (0-100)
Build (Fat/Strength/Skinny)
Sex appeal (0-100)
Features (25 options)
Skull (4 options with scaling)
Neck (2 options with scaling)
Forehead (3 options with scaling)
Brow (6 options with scaling)
Iris Size
Eyeball (4 options with scaling)
Eye Folds Height
Eyelid (2 options with scaling)
Eye Style
Eye Color (14 options)
Bridge (3 options with scaling)
Nose (2 options with scaling)
Slope (3 options with scaling)
Tip (4 options with scaling)
Nostril (6 options with scaling)
Septum (2 options with scaling)
Nose Style
Temple (2 options with scaling)
Cheekbone (4 options with scaling)
Cheek (3 options with scaling)
Jowl (3 options with scaling)
Ear (11 options with scaling)
Tip (3 options with scaling)
Mouth (8 options with scaling)
Lip (8 options with scaling)
Chin (7 options with scaling)
Jaw (3 options with scaling)
Facial hair (25+)
Hairstyles (100+)
Compliments (30+)
Taunts (35+)
Skin tone and skin type
Hairstyle and hair colour
Eyes and eye colour
Beard, beard style, and beard colour
Facial scars
Facial tattoos
Piercings and piercing colour
Eye makeup and eye makeup colour
Lip makeup
Cheek makeup and makeup colour
Blemishes and blemish colour
Nails and nail colour
Body tattoos
Body scars
Penis size
Pubic hairstyle
Cyberpunk vs Saints Row

The table itself is self-explanatory in showing the vast amount of customizability of the character overall. This obviously states the winner in the Cyberpunk 2077 vs Saints Row extensive collection part. Cyberpunk 2077 does not lack anywhere in the detail and good graphics part and does provide enough customization. So much so that you can change your genitals, but hands down to the Saints Row development team on this one.

Saints Row series remained consistent with the character customization area and had more than enough content there. Some of the character customizations even affect your playthrough and cutscenes like taunts and compliments. In Cyberpunk vs Saints Row character customization, the huge variety of Saints Row is jaw-dropping. It gives Saints Row a huge advantage just by offering this and being consistent with it as well.


To sum it all up Saints Row lacks polished and detailed graphics but the diversity of Saints Row is unmatched when creating a character in Cyberpunk 2077 vs Saints Row character customization. The player has tons of hairstyles, eye colors, movement styles, skin shades, race presets, different size options, and so much more which is obviously too much for a player to choose from. Even when I was creating a character in Saints Row IV, I was excited at first but then just skipped most of the stuff as there were so many options to choose from.

In the battle between Cyberpunk vs Saints Row, the character creation/customization of Saints Row is far superior, besides what’s the point of creating your character if you can only see your hands. But if you want you can change your perspective in Cyberpunk using a mod. Let us know your thoughts about the winner in Cyberpunk 2077 vs Saints Row and this subject in the comments below.

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