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Time to Act: Addressing EzBike’s Critical Security Issues

EzBike has been a revolutionary service in Pakistan, offering convenience and flexibility to commuters. However, the objective of this blog post is not to discredit or disparage the service but to draw attention to certain security vulnerabilities within their system. The intent is to raise awareness and prompt immediate remedial actions to protect the users and employees of the service.


This blog post is intended solely for educational and awareness purposes. It aims to provide general information about potential security concerns without revealing specific details that could be exploited, to avoid causing harm or aiding malicious activities.

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Description of Vulnerabilities:

The vulnerabilities detected in EzBike’s service, though not elaborated upon here for safety and ethical reasons, are significant and need urgent attention. The potential risks arising from these vulnerabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Information: Sensitive information such as the CNIC of customers and employees is potentially accessible, compromising the privacy and security of individuals involved.
  • Account Compromise: The vulnerabilities could allow unauthorized individuals to gain access to user and employee accounts, enabling them to change passwords and potentially misuse the accounts.
  • Unauthorized Service Use: There’s a risk that unauthorized individuals could unlock and use EzBikes without paying, impacting the service’s revenue and reputation.
  • Unauthorized Modifications: Unauthorized individuals could potentially manipulate the service, such as adding money to user accounts, creating chaos and disrupting service integrity.
  • Exposure of User and Employee Data: Personal data of users and employees could be at risk, which could have severe repercussions including identity theft and financial loss.

Efforts to Communicate with EzBike:

An attempt has been made to communicate these vulnerabilities to the owner and manager of EzBike. Unfortunately, the concerns were met with indifference, and subsequent queries received no response, highlighting an apparent disregard for user and employee security and privacy.

Importance of Responsible Disclosure:

While the focus is on awareness, it is crucial to note that responsible disclosure is of utmost importance in such matters. The service provider should be given an opportunity to address and rectify the vulnerabilities before any public disclosure, to prevent exploitation and protect users and employees.

Recommendations for Users and Employees:

  • Users and employees are advised to be cautious while using the service until the vulnerabilities are resolved.
  • Regularly change passwords and monitor accounts for any unusual activities.
  • Be vigilant and immediately report any suspicious activities or discrepancies noted in user accounts or any other service-related matters.


Security should be a paramount concern for services that handle sensitive user and employee information. The negligence and indifference shown towards security vulnerabilities can have severe repercussions for individuals and the service as a whole.

This blog post is a call to action for EzBike to address and rectify the identified security vulnerabilities promptly and responsibly. Additionally, it serves to remind users and employees to be vigilant and proactive in protecting their information and to demand better security measures from service providers.

Final Note:

Public disclosure of security vulnerabilities is a serious matter, and this blog post is intended to be constructive and focused on awareness and resolution of the identified issues. It is a fervent hope that EzBike will act promptly to safeguard the trust and security of its users and employees.

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