15 Games Like Stardew Valley that the World Plays 2022

game like stardew valley

Looking for fun, simple games like Stardew valley to play? We have compiled a list of the best games that you can enjoy!

One of the finest agricultural role-playing games ever, Stardew Valley was a one-of-a-kind experience. Stardew Valley’s attractive visuals, easy gameplay, and sincere simplicity have won the hearts of players all around the globe.

Stardew Valley Overview

In addition, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone is the creator of the famous computer game Stardew Valley. The role-playing game’s primary goal is to build a massive farm that will be the envy of all your neighbors. Open-ended gameplay offers a wide range of options for gamers to show off their agribusiness know-how.

List of the Best Games Like Stardew Valley

What other games can you play that are like Stardew Valley? A thorough list of the 15 best games like Stardew Valley in 2022 can be found right here.

1. Moonlighter

Best Pixel Graphics Roguelike Game


Moonlighter should cross off all of the tasks on your Stardew Valley to-do list. It’s a store management game in which you take on the role of a business owner. Customers and restocking the shelves with that delightful, brain-calming mediocrity.

While you’re awake, you’re a rogue-like dungeon hunter, scavenging for supplies for your store at night. Also, did we mention how singular the plot as a whole is? It’s all about misfortune, tragedy, and a little intra-family strife in this one.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Binding of Isaac series, as well as those who are. Stardew Valley-like gameplay loops of busywork are achieved here as well.

2. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (2020)

The Best Cute Farming Simulator

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town

Another game similar to Stardew Valley is Story of Seasons. Harvest Moon is sometimes referred to as Stardew Valley’s “spiritual successor.” While praising Stardew Valley’s ConcernedApe is commendable, Harvest Moon: Story of Seasons already has a sequel.

There is a striking similarity between Stardew Valley and the Story of Seasons series. Your character, like the one in Valley, is left in charge of renovating a dilapidated farm into a viable business. Even having a family might be a possibility in rural areas where you can cultivate crops or raise animals and interact with the community.

3. Sun Haven

The Best RPG Game Similar to Stardew Valley

sun haven

Have you ever wondered what if Stardew Valley was a fantasy game? Well, wonder no more! Dragons, magic, and fantasy all go hand in hand. In Pixel Sprout Studios’ adorable agricultural sim you’ll get precisely that. It exceeded its Kickstarter funding goal by more than twice.

Stardew Valley in Medieval times with a pinch of mythology tossed in is what Sun Haven is like. Furthermore, being human isn’t a need. You may play as a human, a demon, an elf, an angel, an elemental, a naga, or an Amari (a kind of animal).

This is a great movie if you like magic.

4. Graveyard keeper

The Best Funny Indie Game like Stardew Valley

graveyard keeper

It is important to note that farms and cemeteries are not the same. There is a lot of overlap in how Graveyard Keeper manages the graveyard and Stardew Valley manages a farm.

A medieval cemetery’s keeper must balance the needs of the living with those of the dead. Aside from that, it’s a love tale as well. Because of this, it’s a lot like Stardew Valley. “

So if you don’t care about historical accuracy in games, there’s something to look forward to. 

5. Rune Factory 4

The Best Adventure Game like Stardew Valley

rune factory 4

Rune Factory 4 is a game similar to Stardew. Agricultural simulation and role-playing elements come together in yet another game to offer a genuinely exceptional experience.

The marriage mechanism in the game is more robust than in its predecessors. And allowing the player to run a complete town instead of just a tiny agricultural area.

It’s also up to you to attract tourists to the town by improving the town’s infrastructure and making it more appealing to locals and visitors. Additionally, this game features Zelda-like elements such as exploring the neighboring dungeons in search of evil forces and supporting your village to defeat them.

This is a fantastic game with a unique twist that will keep you entertained for a long time.

6. My time at Portia

The Best Open World Game like Stardew Valley

my time at protia

Like Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia places players in a beautiful and immersive location called Portia, where they must execute commissions, collect crops, and raise animals to rehabilitate their father’s neglected workshop.

At first glance, the game may seem to be a drudgery. It’ll be hard to put down once you start reading. Portia has a thriving community, and you may make friends with anybody who lives there to help you achieve your objective.

You may also level up your character and train them in crafting, combat, or social skills, depending on your choices. Make sure you get it on Android, Steam, Nintendo, and PlayStation.

7. Farm Together

The Best Agriculture Farming Game

farm together

Exactly what it says on the box, Farm Together lets you do. As many as 16 people may work together to run a farm in the same session. Compared to the rest of the options, Farm Together is a much more laid-back outing. Without tiredness or an essential purpose, it’s impossible to rush through anything.

In addition, there are no “fail states.” You may grow your farm as fast or as slowly as you choose. Since plants grow in real-time rather than on a daily basis, there is no option to switch to the following day. “

There will be many real-world minutes before the seed you sow may be harvested. It’s unusual to see a system like this outside of free-to-play mobile games, and it may be unsettling.

Our game is equally as gratifying as any other on this list provided you’re willing to relinquish some control and take things slowly. On Steam, Nintendo, and PlayStation you may download.

8. Doraemon: the story of seasons

Best Family Friendly Game like Stardew Valley

Doraemon the story of seasons

As you explore the world of Natura, you’ll need to make friends with the friendly giant Doraemon, who lives there with you. Weird, mechanized cat

It is widely accepted that Story of Seasons is the sequel to the Harvest Moon series. In other words, it’s basically an excellent farming game with an automated cat for good measure.

It’s really a great deal of fun to play and has a wonderful anime look to it. To become friends with Doraemon, though, you will have access to advanced technology that would be impossible for any other animal to possess.

It’s a bit strange, but it’s impossible to resist the allure of this unusual mashup of anime and farming.

9. Garden story

The Best Fantasy Action RPG Game

garden story

Another game similar to Stardew Valley is Garden Story. Picogram’s Garden Story, a Stardew-style game, is charming and fanciful.

It is up to you, Concord the grape, to preserve The Grove from the Rot that seeks to destroy their homes by teaming up with their fruit, fungal, and frog companions.

Concord has also been given the role of The Grove’s guardian. Additionally, you’ll be entrusted with battling the rot and rebuilding the island in Stardew Valley: Seasons. You’ll also build relationships with people who can help you in the future.

10. Slime Rancher

The Best Exploration Game

Slime Rancher

Stardew Valley-like games include Slime Rancher. In some’s opinion, it’s one of the finest video games to come out in the last decade. One of the most fascinating ways to engage with the world to date combines a magnificent design and a weird circumstance.

Taking in the role of Beatrix LeBeau, you are tasked with raising slimes from the womb and ensuring their happiness and well-being throughout their lives. If you’re trying to solve a mystery that’s many light-years away from Earth, you can even cross-breed the slime to make explosive flying slime.

With your backpack, you can scoop things up and spit them out whenever you choose, making your agricultural equipment the star of the show. It’s a lot of fun to use and keeps the game interesting throughout.

11. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Most Fun Game like Stardew Valley

Animal Crossing New Horizons

A whole town may be built as part of the game’s complex economy. Improve your town’s facilities by building bridges and other monuments, such as a city center or public park.

Your town’s laws and standards may also be defined and amended by you, and everyone will follow your rules. These cute characters and aesthetics help keep the game interesting as you manage a village.

12. Kynseed

The Best Sandbox Game like Stardew Valley


While other games on this list enable you to build relationships and have a family, Kynseed takes things to a whole other level.

As your characters age and pass away, their descendants take on the responsibilities of managing the farmlands, which allows for the transmission of tales through the centuries.

For the first time in more than a decade, PixelCount enables us to investigate the mechanic’s potential for producing significant, emergent narrative arcs.

13. No place like home

The Best Base Building Game like Stardew Valley

No place like home

As a human Wall-E, your job in No Place Like Home is to clean up the Earth after civilization has left it in search of better lands. The protagonist uses a vacuum backpack to gather scrap metal and waste as he traverses the globe.

Products and equipment for farming and other hobbies that she can use. Because the planet is virtually abandoned, there isn’t much of an emphasis on socializing.

There are a few NPCs that can grant you assignments or talents, but they are few and far between. Because it’s more of an action-survival game than a farming sim, anyone expecting a Stardew-style experience may be disappointed.

You can get No Place Like Home on Steam for a very reasonable price if you’re searching for something out of the ordinary.

14. Littlewood

The Best Pixel City Builder Game


Littlewood is one of the games that resemble Stardew Valley in terms of gameplay. Immediately after your character’s heroic victory against the wicked wizard, Littlewood begins.

After the tremendous effort, you, on the other hand, are completely lost.

Littlewood residents look to you for help in rebuilding their town, and so you begin your journey to provide food to the town’s residents and create buildings that will draw folks to this remote location in the woods.

When the news spreads about Littlewood in Salem, you’ll be surprised by the number of individuals who show out to say hello. This includes notable figures from your forgotten past. Because of this, mining, farming, and building gain a great impetus as the protagonist’s secret slowly but surely emerges.

In addition, Littlewood’s character growth is similar to Runescape’s character progression. A skill bar is included in almost every gaming activity. The more tasks you accomplish, the more experience points you accrue, allowing you to enhance your performance and level up your abilities.

15. Forager

The Best Survival Game like Stardew Valley


There are three main focuses in Forager: exploring the world, making things, and acquiring food. As any Stardew Valley player will tell you, there’s nothing like the small pop sound you hear when you pick anything up in the game’s world.

Collecting items, no matter what they are, appeal to an area in our brains that enjoys counting and owning. This experience may be used to inspire a video game based entirely on it.

In addition, Forager combines the free-roaming and agricultural characteristics of Stardew Valley with the automated management capabilities of Factorio.

Using just a backpack and a pickaxe, gather the resources on your island to create a vast mechanized nightmare, replete with self-running farms and machines that produce materials by feeding raw materials into other machines.

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