The 20 Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022

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Have no idea where to begin searching for the best offline android games? or maybe there are too many Android games to select from? I’m a player and game critic, and it’s my responsibility to identify and evaluate those games that are worth your time.

Relax and have a cup of coffee or tea, because we’re about to begin our list of the greatest offline games currently available. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest free and paid Android games available right now! Please also note that the list is in no particular order.

List of the Best Offline Android Games You Can Play in 2022

1. Cover Fire

Best Offline Action Game with High-End Graphics for Android

best offline android games cover fire

It all starts with “Cover Fire.” When I initially played this game, I was blown away by how good the graphics looked; they’re on par with those in high-end online shooter games.

The graphics and colors are beautiful, and they work well together to provide a seamless visual experience throughout the game.

Although you don’t need an online connection to play Cover Fire, you will sometimes be required to connect to the internet in order to receive updates. If this happens, just unplug your device from the internet and resume playing offline.

As you go through the plot, you’ll be able to utilize rifles, pistols, and grenades; there are also certain stages where you’ll require a Sniper rifle to complete.

In addition to the many stages that must be unlocked in order to progress, the game currently features a zombie mode where instead of fighting an enemy soldier, you must deal with the undead. Cover fire is an excellent choice and a good time killer with many positive reviews in the PlayStore, and is one of the best free offline games for Android that are currently available.

2. Mini Militia

For Android devices, the best 2D shooting game

mini militia screen shot offline android game

Playing Mini Militia brings back fond memories of my childhood since it was one of the first Android games I had tried.

I used to be able to utilize a Hotspot to play multiplayer mode without using mobile data, but that has changed in the last few years, and I now prefer to play it with my buddies offline through a LAN connection.

An offline android game has been converted into a semi-offline android game. Why? because this game may still be played offline, but the multiplayer feature has been removed.

Offline, you can only compete against yourself. To play the game with friends, you’ll need to switch to the online mode, which allows you to play with your friends or a random user.

Despite the fact that some of these games’ offline capabilities have been removed, they still deserve to be included on our list since many feel that this is one of the greatest offline android games.

3. Heroes Strike Offline

The Best MOBA Game For Android That You Can Play Offline.

heroes strike offline moba android games

On the other hand, offline MOBA games are becoming more and more uncommon, and the last time I recall playing an offline MOBA was back in high school when I played DOTA on PC.

Actually, Heroes Strike is the first offline MOBA I’ve had the pleasure of playing on Android, and it’s a lot like the play-to-earn game Thetan Arena, which I previously highlighted on this blog. The main difference between the two is clearly the earning potential, that Heroes Strike has.

You can make money playing Thetan Arena, but not in Heroes Strike, which is just for amusement purposes. Heroes Strike is ideal if you’re traveling and don’t have access to a reliable internet connection, and you can use it to kill time while you’re away from home or on a business trip.

Heroes Strike is one of the greatest Android games you can play right now, whether it’s for fun or to prepare for Thetan Arena.

4. Into The Dead 2

The Best Offline Zombie Game Available for Free

best free zombie offline android games into the dead 2

It’s time for the sequel to the popular Into the Dead series. Into the Dead 2 was published by PikPok games as a follow-up to the critically acclaimed first game.

If you’re looking for a great offline Android game, this is it.

From the zombies to the surroundings, to the weaponry, and even the dogs, the graphics have been greatly enhanced and are far more realistic than the previous version.

Because of this, I can confidently declare that Into the Dead 2 is one of the most high-quality mobile games that you can now play. Even though it was released in 2017, its visual quality can compete with games that will be released in 2022.

It’s not only the visuals that make this game a wonderful pick; the plot is also excellent, and it’s the story that keeps me engaged throughout the game.

In addition to enhancing the game’s aesthetics and plot, new dangers have been included.

In comparison to earlier, the zombies have improved in speed and toughness.

Running zombies may be difficult to avoid, and the zombies get more difficult to defeat as the game progresses, necessitating the use of more powerful weaponry.

High-penetration ammunition, explosive ammo, and more may all be added if you’d want to deal with some of the toughest zombies out there.

Although you may play Into the Dead 2 without an internet connection, you’ll need it to receive awards and participate in special events.

It is possible to play Into the Dead 2 for free, but you can also spend real money in the game if you so choose to upgrade your guns and armor.

If you’re looking for more zombie games on Android, check out our selection of the top Android zombie games.

5. Cookies Must Die

Best Offline Action Game For Android

best offline android games cookies must die

One of the greatest offline Android games that you can get in the Google Play store is the next game on our list.

Isn’t battling a group of Cookies terrifying?

The cookies I’ve described so far are ones that possess limbs and firearms and are able to slaughter any human they come into contact with.

Jack, a mutant or a superhuman, was created by a doctor to oppose this evil cookie. In this game, you will play as Jack, and you will control his movement and demolish every cookie in his path. Fortunately for Jack, he has a particular skill.

One of my favorite offline Android games, Cookies must die is a 2D action game with an incredible slow-motion effect and music that adds energy to every move in the game. This game is one of the greatest offline action games for Android you can play right now.

6. Swamp Attack

Best Offline Shooting Game For Android That’s Fun

best offline android games swamp attack

Outfit7’s swamp assault is a free-to-play, offline Android game that was initially released in 2014. Crocodiles, armed beavers, and aliens are just some of the horrors you’ll face in this 2D action-shooting game.

You must use formidable weaponry like a shotgun, flame thrower, crossbows, Molotov cocktails, and more to defend your swamp in the event of a swamp assault.

The only drawback to this game is that you have to wait for your energy to be recharged before you can play it again after you’ve used it all.

7. Can you escape the 100 room? XIII

The Best Android Game For Mystery Puzzles

best offline android game escape room

This offline Android game is one of the hardest puzzle games I’ve ever played, and it’s one of the most popular. The goal of the game is to escape one chamber and go on to the next, and there are around 50 rooms to unlock.

To unlock the door to the next room, you must find a hidden object in each one before you may go to the next. This process continues until you reach the last room when it becomes impossible to open the door.

Those who like puzzle games will enjoy this smartphone game, which provides a nice workout for the brain.

8. The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter

The best FPS that you can play offline

offline android game walking zombie 2

One of my favorite offline android games is a Zombie FPS Shooting game that begins in a zombie outbreak, and you, the chosen one, will be born from your infected mother, so you are resistant to the virus that may change a human into a zombie as a consequence of your mother being infected.

Despite your immunity, you are not invincible and may still die if you are beaten by a large horde of zombies, so stock up on weapons and gears to help you fight back and save humanity from the undead.

The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter is the finest FPS Offline Android game I’ve found, and it has an exciting Zombie Apocalypse.


The Best Android Offline Zombie Shooting Game

offline game dead trigger

My favorite offline android game is “DEAD TRIGGER OFFLINE,” which was initially launched in 2012 and is one of the oldest and most adrenaline-pumping shooter games. Even though it is outdated, the graphical quality of this offline Android game may still compete with certain new mobile games in 2021, leading you to believe that it is a brand new game.

Even if this game is a little old, it’s undoubtedly one of the best offline android games that you can play.

10. Zombie Smasher

Android’s Best Casual Offline Zombie Game

offline android games zombie smasher

You’re ready to stomp on your cell phone? “Zombie Smasher” is the next game on our list, and it’s a basic Android offline game where you press your finger on the screen where the attacking zombie is to crush it.

Zombies of all varieties will join the hordes as the level rises, but be cautious, since occasionally there is a child surfer lurking nearby that you can mistake for a zombie, and if you kill the kid’s surfer it is game over.

Every zombie in this game has its own special abilities but one thing is certain: whatever sort of zombies come, crush it all. In this game, there are seven types of zombies: typical zombies, dogs, timber-men, ghosts, babies, fat bosses, and oil-workers.


Android’s Best Offline Adventure Game 

offline android games badland

As one of the top offline android games, we’d like to recommend “BADLAND,” a 2D game in which you control a forest inhabitant by tapping your phone’s screen to fly and avoid numerous traps that are established in the environment.

There are traps in BADLAND that may kill you, so be cautious if you go too close to them, since they will respond according to physics.

12. Plants vs. Zombies 2

A Fun and Relaxing Android Offline Casual Game

Plants vs zombies 2 best android casual game

Plants vs. Zombies, a smash blockbuster tower defense game that reinvented the subgenre, featuring adorable characters and witty pop-culture allusions. In Plants vs. Zombies 2, gaming mechanics were improved by adding new troops and zombies to fight. Many Android games that are offline still get updates to keep things balanced and sometimes have in-game events to keep players engaged. This game is one of the few offline Android games that do this. To play, you do not have to be continually online, so get it to your smartphone now and start killing those zombies.

13. Alto’s Odyssey

The Best Android Offline Adventure Game

offline android game altos odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey, launched in 2018, is a sequel to Alto’s Adventure, one of the first offline Android games. Despite its age, however, it is still worth mentioning.

Despite its simplicity, the game’s gameplay is difficult to master, and even I admit that I haven’t mastered it yet. The game begins with a few tutorials and then moves on to the real stuff, in which you control Alto as he journeys through the desert on his sand-board, avoiding rocks and falling with your head first. The further you go, the higher your score is.

14. Hopeless 3

Best Adventure Game For Android That You Can Play Without the Internet.

offline android game hopeless 3

Another 2D and offline android game with excellent visuals or graphics, Hopeless 3 is a newer version of the popular Hopeless and Hopeless 2 games. The goal is to assist the blob to survive monster attacks and leave the tunnel’s darkness so that the blob may glimpse the light outside the cave.

While making your way to the exit, you’ll come across numerous monsters and blobs. To keep things easy, kill the monster and rescue your blob, but as your level rises the difficulty will grow and more creatures will appear to attempt to devour your blob, just like in all of the previous video games.

15. Monument Valley 2

Best Android Offline Puzzle Game

offline android game Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley, an offline indie Android puzzle game, pushes apart from the standard Play Store puzzles by focusing on isometric vistas. In this game, you must lead the characters Ro and her kid through a series of mazes packed with optical illusions and impossible items. As compared to the original game, Monument Valley 2 devotes a greater portion of its attention to developing and fleshing out its storyline.

As a result, this is one of the best offline Android games for parents and children to play together. Because of this, as well as its brilliant game design and direction, Alto’s Odyssey has won a number of honors. If you don’t want to be interrupted while playing this game, you may do so.

16. Major Mayhem 2

Android’s Best Offline Action Game

offline android game Major Mayhem 2

A nod to 1980s action flicks, the first Major Mayhem is eerily identical to its follow-up, Major Mayhem 2.

Play as the titular major in a cover-based blasting game. In addition to attempting to end the planet, a slew of evildoers are out to spoil your vacation. That’s why you’ll have to go out and get them.

From where Major Mayhem 1 left off, Major Mayhem 2 succeeds magnificently. It’s fast-paced, engrossing, and addictive.

However, if you don’t mind a little light-hearted but still hard blasting in your shooter, then this is definitely worth checking out.

17. City Island 5

Android’s Best Building Game, Simulation Game

offline android game city island 5

City Island 5 is one of the greatest offline Android games. By allowing you to develop lively habitats on several islands rather than just one, it takes city-building to a new level. The building designs you choose or upgrade to will help to make your chosen city aesthetics stand out. As a successful businessman, you’ll have an enjoyable experience in this game.

18. Zombie Catcher

Android’s Best Casual Offline Game

offline android game zombie catcher

In this game, instead of running away from zombies that are trying to devour your brains, you’ll be helping our alien buddy AJ capture some zombies and transform them into a variety of yummy treats including, shakes, juices, sundaes, and many more.

zombie catcher is an enjoyable game that deserves a spot on our list of the best offline zombie games. You can use a jet pack to fly and move faster, a harpoon, tranquilizer guns, nets & traps, there are also different kinds of maps that are waiting to be unlocked, and each map has some different kinds of zombies that can turn into some snacks. The more maps you unlock, the more recipes you will also get.

19. Asphalt Nitro

Best Offline racing game for Android

offline android game asphalt nitro

Even though “Asphalt Nitro” is among the oldest offline Android games, the fact that it is also the lightest Asphalt game allows it to operate well on older devices, making it an excellent choice for those looking for an old-school Asphalt experience.

When it comes to Android racing games, Asphalt Nitro is an excellent choice for those who want something that won’t fill up their phone’s storage.

20. Stardew Valley

The Best Android Role Playing Game Offline

offline android game stardew valley

If you’re looking for something a little more laid-back, this could be a suitable alternative for you. Game titles like Harvest Moon established the farm/life simulation genre, which Stardew Valley pays tribute to.

After the death of your grandpa, you inherit his farm in Stardew Valley. Manage and grow crops and animals, then travel to town to sell them for a profit. This is your job. Additionally, there’s a mine where you may acquire resources while fending off creatures that lurk below. It’s possible that you’ll meet someone who will become your future spouse and family member, and you’ll be able to spend the rest of your life peacefully ever after (in the game, of course).

As always, I’ll be updating this list and providing you with more information about the best offline android games that you can play.

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