Celestial Portal Risk of Rain 2: Location, Spawn & Reward

Celestial Portal Risk of Rain 2 location

The Celestial Portal in The Risk of Rain 2 is a doorway to another planet. After completing the assignment in this secret location, which is also regarded as the “Hidden Realm,” you will be able to gain control of a strong character.

Discovering new things and undiscovered regions is one of ROR 2’s most appealing features. 

As a result, locating some of these elusive components might be a challenge. One such item is The Risk of Rain 2: Celestial Portal, which many gamers are unable to locate. Don’t worry, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to use this site.

ROR 2 relies heavily on portals, which are essential components. They are portals to other planets and extraterrestrial missions. A Moment, Fractured is the name given to the place that the Celestial Portal takes you to. By completing the last task, you’ll be able to access a more powerful character.

Celestial Portal Risk of Rain 2

What does Risk of Rain 2’s Celestial Portal do exactly?

It is possible to teleport to a secret place called A Moment, Fractured using the Celestial Portal in Risk of Rain 2. These Hidden Realms Environments are not accessible from the main levels. The Mercenary, a strong character, may be unlocked on the last island by traversing the floating islands of this realm.

How to Get Celestial Portal Risk of Rain 2

The Celestial Portal can only be found by going through a loop at minimum once and then moving on to the next level. You’ll need to complete five levels, including the last one, named Sky Meadow, before you may progress. When you cross it, you return to the beginning of the game (loopback). The doorway you’re looking for will appear when you finish the following three steps.

The gateway will emerge in the third location each time you choose to return after five environments. This is why the eighth, 13th, 18th, and 23rd stages of the game will use it.

Activating the Primordial Teleporter, which differs from a standard teleporter or artifact gate, is required in order to loop. An eight-spired version of the horn-like prong is used instead. Try to stay away from the central base. In order to ‘align it with the planet’ and return, you must cluster the prongs into 2 groups on each side of each other.

Because of this, spires must be left in their default state after you reach the fifth environment, which is aligned with the planet’s north pole. You may activate the teleporter by pressing E in the middle. The 6th and last level, named Commencement, takes you to Pertichor V’s moon, where you will face Mithrix, the final monster, and either die in the fight or escape in a dropship.

A Celestial Orb will emerge in the Rallypoint Delta or Scorched Acres stages if you go back and continue to those areas. In order to visit A Moment, Fractured, you must first wait for the teleporter event to finish before using the freshly generated Celestial Portal instead of the teleporter.

In order to go through the Celestial Portal, how do you do it?

A Moment, Fractured’s hidden location may be accessed by interacting with a Celestial Portal that has appeared in the game. There’s a lot of trial-and-error involved in trying to figure out how to make a Celestial Portal appear more often. In addition to the looping method already described, you may stumble upon it at some other level by chance. In other words, maintain a constant watch for an “orb alert” on your screen.

Using the blue gateway that appears adjacent to teleporters throughout the game also returns you to the beginning of the game. Regardless of the orientation of the Primordial teleporter, it may emerge even at stage 5 and return you to the first level via the Bazaar Between Time secret realm.

interact obelisk risk of rain 2

How can I make my character a Mercenary?

The Mercenary character, like Acrid in Risk of Rain 2: Acrid, has great melee range attack skills. In order to throw his opponents off their game, he uses his speed and dexterity to stealthily enter and exit the fight. With his agility, he is able to attack at the proper moment and eliminate his targets in one swift motion.

The Celestial Portal must be found in order to get the Mercenary character. To spawn the Celestial Portal, you must first visit the area A Moment, Fractured as described above. In this secluded location, there are several islands circling. To get to the last island, you’ll need to use the blue pebbles that emerge among two of the islands as stepping stones.

This is where you’ll locate the enormous Obelisk construction. When you engage with it, the venerable-looking edifice will give you the chance to annihilate yourself. In order to complete the True Respite challenge, you must accept this proposition. Keep in mind that this is the conclusion of your run, and a new one must begin now.

mercenary risk of rain 2

What is the Obelisk?

The Obelisk is a gigantic immovable blue portal risk of rain 2 found on the last island in an environment called A Moment, Fractured. It’s made up of two massive monoliths, the longest of which is 30 meters long. When engaged, the Obelisk’s spherical chamber emits a shimmering blue light.

As soon as you engage with the Obelisk, it will ask you whether you wish to wipe your own memory. In order to unlock the Mercenary, you must finish the True Respite task and obliterate your former character.

Instead, the Obelisk will lure you with a comparable second proposition of self-destruction, should you refuse its previous offer. If you agree to this time, the run will come to an end for everyone involved. Lunar Coins are given to each player.

obelisk risk of rain 2

Denying the second request allows you to stay on the run as your original persona. By traveling through a portal that spawns to the right of the Obelisk, you may exit the realm without dying or losing your character.

Defeating the Obelisk will transfer you to a new hidden world setting called A Moment, Whole if you (or your teammate) hold the Beads of Fealty lunar item. Check out one of four Twisted Scavenger bosses here.

As a bonus, you’ll get 10 Lunar Coins and a more meaningful death if you succeed. Even if you succeed, you will perish.

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