Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle: How to find & Solve | Guide

cuphead graveyard puzzle

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC is jam-packed with new things to find. However, the Graveyard puzzle and the Broken Relic that reveals its secrets are the most common and difficult to locate this time around.

Where to find the Graveyard Puzzle and how to Solve It

The graveyard puzzle can be found just above the Howling Aces boss encounter, near the southernmost tip of the DLC island. Even if you do manage to overlook it, the detective ghost NPC lurking next to it will serve as a dead giveaway to the location of graveyard puzzle in Cuphead’s new DLC.

cuphead graveyard puzzle location

Step 1: Buy the Broken Relic

The Cuphead graveyard puzzle requires the Broken Relic, one of several new things introduced to the item store, which you can purchase using Coins from either the main mission or the DLC island. 

cuphead graveyard puzzle broken relic

Step 2: Equip Broken Broken Relic as your Charm

Now you need to open equip card and go to charms. From there you need to equip Broken Relic as your charm.

Step 3: Talk to three NPCs standing at the podium that give you hints

There are a number of NPCs on podiums north of the island that provides you suggestions about which gravestones to choose depending on their conversation. For example, if the first NPC says as a winner I left em looking foolish means in the first row the left-most grave must be interacted with. If the second says I left downtown in a hurry then it means you need to interact with the left-most grave in the last row. If the third says I can go up from here it means top grave in the center column.

cuphead npcs puzzle

Because the conversation you hear from the NPCs will vary from session to session, you must pay attention to what they have to say. In order to complete the problem, you’ll need to follow their guidelines. Taking notes on the discussion can help you choose the proper tombstones on your first attempt if you’re just getting started with the task.

Step 4: Decode the Hints and Click on Graves in the Correct Order

After that, you’ll want to press the gravestones in the following order: The bottom left comes first, followed by the center, and then the top. The middle grave will light up with a beacon of light after you’ve done this, signaling your success in solving the riddle.

Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle Boss Encounter and Reward

After solving this puzzle, you will be able to interact with the center tombstone and face a hidden boss in the game. After defeating the final monster, the Broken Relic will be upgraded to its final state: the Cursed Relic.

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