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The Ultimate Guide to Staff Management in Dave the Diver

In the captivating world of “Dave the Diver”, you’re tasked with the dual responsibility of exploring the ocean’s depths to catch valuable fish and managing a bustling sushi restaurant. To ensure your restaurant’s success, you need to hire and manage staff effectively. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of hiring employees, understanding their roles, and utilizing their skills to maximize your restaurant’s efficiency.

Hiring Employees

Hiring employees in “Dave the Diver” is a strategic process that requires the use of the game’s advertising system. There are three advertising options available to recruit staff:

  1. Flyer Ad – Costs $50 and recruits staff at your current tier.
  2. TV Ad – Costs $150 and recruits staff at a slightly higher tier than your current one.
  3. Internet Ad – Costs $400 and recruits staff at a higher tier than your current one.
dave the diver staff hiring

The tier system in the game is categorized into five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The higher the tier, the more efficient an employee is. Investing in Internet Ads early on can be beneficial as it allows you to recruit the best employees.

Understanding Employee Roles and Skills

There are 14 staff members in “Dave the Diver“, each with unique skills and roles. These roles include serving, cooking, cleaning, and ingredient prepping. Some employees also have the ability to increase their performance permanently, serve drinks perfectly, or always get tips. Understanding these skills and assigning roles accordingly is crucial for the smooth operation of your restaurant.

dave the diver staff utilization

For instance, an employee with a high cooking stat is better suited for the kitchen, while those with serving skills are ideal for attending to customers.

Utilizing Employees

Employees can be assigned to various tasks in the restaurant, including serving, cooking, cleaning, and ingredient prepping. They can also be dispatched to collect ingredients, which is crucial for maintaining a steady supply for your sushi recipes.

Training Staff

Training employees is a key aspect of staff management. This process unlocks additional skills and improves their efficiency in their assigned roles. Training an employee costs money but doesn’t consume any time, making it a worthwhile investment for the growth of your restaurant.

dave the diver training employees

Training and upgrading your employees will unlock their special perks, providing them with significant stat boosts.

Best Employees

Based on their skills and efficiency, the best employees in “Dave the Diver” are El Nino for serving and Yone for cooking. El Nino has two master-level serving abilities, while Yone’s skills are extremely beneficial in the kitchen.

Advanced Strategies

To further enhance your restaurant’s performance, consider the following advanced strategies:

  1. Employee Rotation: Rotate your employees between different roles to ensure they develop a wide range of skills. This will make your team more versatile and capable of handling various tasks.
  2. Specialization: While it’s good to have well-rounded employees, specialization can also be beneficial. If an employee shows exceptional skill in a particular area, consider focusing their training on that area to make them a specialist.
  3. Balanced Team: Try to maintain a balanced team with a mix of different skills. This will ensure that all areas of your restaurant are covered, from serving and cooking to cleaning and ingredient prepping.
  4. Continuous Training: Don’t stop training your employees once they’ve reached a certain level. Continuous training will ensure they keep improving and stay at the top of their game.
  5. Employee Morale: Keep an eye on your employees’ morale. Happy employees are more productive, so make sure to create a positive working environment.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to running a successful sushi restaurant in “Dave the Diver”. Remember, success in this game is not just about catching the biggest fish; it’s also about managing your staff effectively and ensuring your restaurant runs smoothly. So dive in, start hiring, and watch your sushi restaurant thrive!


Running a successful sushi restaurant in “Dave the Diver” requires strategic staff management. By understanding the hiring process, recognizing the unique skills of each employee, and utilizing their abilities effectively, you can ensure the smooth operation of your restaurant and maximize your profits.

Remember, the key to success in “Dave the Diver” is not just about diving deep into the ocean; it’s also about managing your staff and running your sushi restaurant efficiently. Happy gaming!

How do I hire employees in “Dave the Diver”?

You can hire employees by using the game’s advertising system. There are three options: Flyer Ad, TV Ad, and Internet Ad. Each option recruits staff at different tiers.

What are the roles of employees in the game?

Employees can serve, cook, clean, and prep ingredients. Some employees also have unique skills that allow them to perform their roles more efficiently.

How can I utilize my employees effectively?

Assign roles to your employees based on their skills. Train and upgrade your employees to unlock their special perks and improve their efficiency.

Who are the best employees in “Dave the Diver”?

The best employees in “Dave the Diver” are El Nino for serving and Yone for cooking. Their skills and efficiency make them ideal for these roles.

How do I improve my restaurant’s efficiency?

You can improve your restaurant’s efficiency by hiring the right employees, assigning them appropriate roles based on their skills, and training and upgrading them regularly.

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