Dinkum: Where and How to Use Old Keys | Easy Guide

dinkum old keys

Dinkum is a game that keeps on expanding in terms of items, and the game doesn’t tell you where and how to use those items. One of these items is Old Key. You will find Old Keys from barrels and initially, there isn’t any use for the keys.

However, Old Key is an extremely valuable item that will let you progress the story and get you more items in the game.

Dinkum: Where and How to Use Old Keys

Apart from getting you Dinks when sold to John, the Old Keys can be used to open the locked doors that are found in Underground Deep Mine.

Now you may be wondering what is Underground Deep Mine. It is a dangerous place filled with bats, alpha crocs, and more animals that you don’t want to fight. However, there are tons of resources in the Underground Deep Mine. Hence, it is a good option to build one.

If you don’t know how to build it click here: How to build Underground Deep Mine.

dinkum alpha croc deep mine

How to Use Old Keys

How to Use Old Keys in Dinkum: 

  1. Go inside the Underground Deep Mine
  2. Equip Old Key
  3. Go near the locked
  4. The Old key will get utilized and the locked door will open

Note: There are multiple doors in the deep mine so you need to bring many Old Keys to unlock them.

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