Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Leaked and People Can Play it!

duke nukem forever released

Recently many users posted images of Duke Nukem Forever (2001) and a developer confirmed that this is the actual gameplay. Right now a user released the press kit and the .exe file for everyone to download and the gaming community is going mad.

Note: This post will keep on updating as more info keeps on coming.

The game does show the option of Multiplayer which means the game wasn’t only supposed to be singleplayer but multiplayer as well. You can play on multiple maps, ride a bike, shoot women in casinos, and so much more which all proves that this is the original Duke Nukem Forever. You can even shoot buses to destroy them.

Download Duke Nukem Forever

The RAR file posted by the user is around 850 Mbs and the game is based on Unreal Engine 1. Currently after downloading the user has to apply patches which is some work many are willing to do. At the moment the game is playable but you will face crashes and will have to apply the patches and mess with the game settings. You can download it from here: Download Duke Nukem Forever.

Single Player Mode of Duke Nukem Forever

There seems to be a lot of depth and detail in the game surprisingly like you can order ham sandwiches, burritos, sport drinks, use toilets, and use the ice machine to get ice cubes. You can also grab some cash and use it. There are two bars one is the Power bar and the other is the Ego bar.

There are tons and tons of weapons and useable items in the game.

duke nukem forever weapons and items

Duke fans will know how much Ego is important and if goes to zero you will die but if you keep killing enemies it will start going back up. If you or any enemy dies because of an explosion their body will explode into many pieces.


  • The Lady Killer
  • Lost Wages
  • Leaving Las Vegas
  • The Slick Willy
  • Stratosfear
  • This is not a boating accident!
  • Born to be Wild
  • Power Struggle
  • Countdown to Destruction
  • Heat Wave
  • Ghost Town
  • Ground Zero
  • Unfriendly Skies
  • Deja Vu
  • Rescue Mission
  • Operation Shutdown
  • Moon Patrol
  • Mother Ship

If you click on Setting and select SOS then you will be able to change the background image. There are tons of weird images but there is one in particular that stands out. It is a picture of the actress Drew Barrymore supposedly naked coming out of the water labeled as Drew: All Wet.

duke nukem forever drew all wet

Surprisingly we also find a background labeled as Keith’s Hat and it is Keith Schuler who was the lead level designer for 3D Realms for 10 years (1996-2006). The years which Keith Schuler spent in 3D Realms, some of which were probably spent making this game. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t released and we will never know if his image was an easter egg or perhaps it was supposed to be cut from the game. He is currently working for Ruckus Games.

keith schuler duke nukem forever

The other images that we found are too graphic and are labelled as Teens in the game which is shocking. Hence, these pictures were not added by us here although they do exist. There are no words to explain all this, why they were added in the game files and why they could be used as backgrounds is a mystery. However, these images do exist in the game files.

There is also a picture labeled Britney: USA where Britney Spears is holding her hands wearing clothes that have American Flag on them. Surprisingly, in the same attire but a different pose her picture was posted on Rolling Stone’s Cover on May 25, 2000.

britney spears duke nukem forever
Picture from May 25, 2000

There is another image of Britney labelled as Britney: Blue. Which is the same scenario explained above. However, this time everything is same only the background is missing. The original image is Britney Spears in a photo shoot from 1999 by Marc Baptiste.

britney beach photo in duke nukem forever
Picture from 1999

The last picture of is labelled as Britney: Boob. This picture is from Jan 17, 2000 when she appeared for American Music Awards.

britney american award show duke nukem

Working Multiplayer Mode of Duke Nukem Forever

The multiplayer of Duke Nukem Forever works and is extremely customizable. However, the maps aren’t complete and you stand in a room with a couple of bots that you can not damage. If you move to the corner of the room you will find a couple of guns like a pump action shotgun, M16 and even a shrink ray.

When finding servers on the internet the following error is displayed: The master server could not be resolved: dukenet3drealms.com. However, it is said that you can play Duke Nukem Forever online via LAN. There are a total of nine multiplayer maps:

  • DM-abt-muzzle
  • Dm-Boxy
  • DM-Duke16
  • DM-e1|1
  • DM-e1|1GUTTED
  • DM-EDFTrainingGrounds
  • DM-FramerateA1
  • DM-FutureThrill
  • Dm-Gibtown

Currently, a user by the name of boss300 is streaming it on Twitch. Many users after its leak are calling out the devlopers.

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