How to Get Antique Machina in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

antique machina weapons list

The Antique Machina Weapons are among the top weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, especially visually. The green emerald looks make them so beautiful and with developers working extra on their appearance.

The best part of having any Antique Machina is that along with great stats they also increase the looks of your player making them a great choice for Monster Hunters. If you are having trouble finding which Antique Machina you should see all of them and read about them: All 14 Antique Machina Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Antique Machina Weapon Requirements in MH Rise Sunbreak

To begin, you must achieve Master Rank 30. In order to get Level 3 affected items, you will need to complete Anomaly Quests against creatures afflicted by the vampiric Curio.

Afterward, you’ll need to attain the rank of Master 50. In order to get Level 4 affected items, you must complete Anomaly Quests against afflicted creatures.

Only afflicted monster ingredients are required to make every weapon type on the Antique Machina tree.

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