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Go-Go Town: How to Hire Aliens Workers

Hey there, mayors! Want to make your Go-Go Town truly unique? Did you know you can hire friendly aliens to help your town flourish? This guide will show you how to find them and what you need to do to convince them to stay!

How to Find Aliens & Hire Them

Step 1: Find the Satellite

First, you need to find the satellite. It’s hidden in the right corner of the main map, under the forest area. Look for a satellite with the words Phone Home? on it. This is your key to meeting the aliens!

Satellite location on map in Go-Go Town

Step 2: Call the Aliens

When you find the satellite, click on it. This will send a signal into space, and soon, a spaceship will come down to your town. A bunch of aliens will come out of the spaceship. Most of them are just visiting, but two of them are looking for a job.

Step 3: Hire the Aliens

Now, you need to be ready. You can only call the spaceship once, so make sure you have what the aliens need. Each alien wants something different before they will work for you. Find out what they need and have it ready.

Alien requirements to invite to town

Requirements of Aliens

Here are the requirements that you might need to fulfill for each of them:

  • Alien#1 Ian Humam: Build five apartments
  • Alien#2 Hugh Mahn: Sell thirty Deep friend Gonut

Tips for Success

  • Be Prepared: Before you click on the satellite, make sure you can meet their demands. Because before making anyone a resident you have to fulfill their initial requirements. This way, you won’t miss your chance to hire them.
  • Try to Hire Both: Since you can only hire two aliens and it is a one time chance only, hire both of them. After they go back, they will never return!
  • Have Fun: Hiring aliens is a special part of the game. Enjoy meeting them and seeing how they can help your town grow!


Once the spaceship leaves, it won’t come back. So make sure you’re ready when you call the aliens. It’s a big chance to make your town even better!


Hiring aliens in Go-Go Town! is a great way to make your town unique and exciting. Follow these steps, and you’ll have new alien friends helping out in no time. Get ready to be the best mayor your town has ever seen!

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