Gotham Knights: How to Unlock Talon Suits Transmog

gotham knights talon suit skin

Gotham Knights is out for everybody and players can now play as many characters and equip various Transmogs. Transmogs are your hero’s suits and there are tons of them you can unlock. 

One Transmog that you can easily unlock and is one of the coolest suits in Gotham Knights is the Talon Suit. In this guide, I will show you how you can unlock this suit.

How to Unlock Talon Suits Transmog in Gotham Knights

In Gotham Knights, you can unlock Transmog Talon suits/skins by grabbing the caches scattered all over the map. In total there are five caches you have to collect which will unlock Talon Suits for your characters. The Talon Suit will be equipable with all characters and will have a unique fit and style.

Once you are near a Talon Cache Alfred will alert you about unusual frequency and will recommend you to check the area out. You can find the location of a Talon Cache using your special senses which will highlight the cache area.

Here are all the Talon cache locations in Gotham Knights:

Gotham Heights (North Gotham)

In North Gotham, you need to go to the Gotham Heights Area where you will find Gotham City University. At the bottom end of the university where it touches the road, you will see a corridor linking two buildings. If you head into the corridor and move to the left of the building you will find a Talon Cache.

gotham knights talon cache location in north gotham
Talon Location#1

Bowery (New Gotham)

In New Gotham, you have to head over to the bottom of the Bowery area where you will find Berger Avenue. Burger Avenue starts from the Falcon Residence which is the place where the Talon Cache is located. 

The Talon Cache is located under the Falcon Residence signboard and above the first floor so you will need to get up the building to get the cache.

gotham knights talon cache location in new gotham
Talon Location#2

Old Gotham (Historic Gotham)

In Historic Gotham’s Old Gotham sector you will find a large building under the Gotham City Hall and at the center of the building is where you will find the cache. All you need to do is get to the center of Gotham City Hall and the large building where you will see a fountain. Exactly straight from the fountain towards the large building is where the Talon Cache is located.

gotham knights talon cache location in historic gotham
Talon Location#3

Financial District (Downtown Gotham)

In Downtown Gotham’s Financial District there is an Elliot Tower which has a basement with all kinds of shops in it. If you head down the basement of the Elliot Tower from the North East side you will find a Talon Cache.

gotham knights talon cache elliot tower
Talon Location#4

Southside (Lower Gotham)

In Lower Gotham’s Southside, you will see Ocran Chemicals. On the top left corner of Ocran Chemicals where the last pier is you will find a building. At the bottom of this building is where you can find the Talon Cache.

gotham knights talon cache location in lower gotham
Talon Location#5

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