Sifu: How to Spare Bosses & Get the True Ending

sifu secret ending

Defeating all enemies in bosses in Sifu isn’t the end of it. After the first playthrough, you need to make a series of choices to get the final and secret ending of Sifu.

You won’t get the true hidden ending if you beat all of the game’s bosses again since retribution is not kung-fu. Therefore, you need spare all of the assassins who murdered your family, however, the game doesn’t tell you how to accomplish it. So we will tell you how to spare all bosses and get Sifu’s actual ending.

How to Get the True Ending in Sifu

At the conclusion of the game, you’ll be able to return and re-fight the game’s bosses. Rather than killing each boss, you need to spare them. After sparing each boss you will get their talisman as a reward. Each talisman represents an element:

  • Fajar – Wood Talisman
  • Sean – Fire Talisman
  • Kuroki – Water Talisman
  • Jinfeng – Metal Talisman
  • Yang – Earth Talisman

There are no rules, so you may choose which boss to spare first and work on your skills. 

Sifu: How to Spare Bosses 

If you break a boss’s structure twice, then you will get the option to spare them. It is the first time in the game that you’ve not used a finisher to take down a boss. There is no need to use a finisher on the boss to end the battle. What you need to do is as follows.

Start a new fight by breaking the structure of the boss, then use a finisher to go on to the next phase of combat. It’s important that you avoid depleting their health bar to zero if you want the secret ending.

The boss’ Structure will eventually break, but do not finish them off. Return to a safe distance and wait for their Structure to reset before doing this again. 

Break the boss’s structure a few times without depleting their health, the game will offer you an option to spare them. After sparing them the game will play a fresh sequence to show that you have spared their lives if you do so. 

Sifu: How to Spare Yang

With Yang, things are a bit different than sparing other bosses. Most of the fight and avoiding finishing him off is the same, but when you choose to spare him you will have to fight him one final time. In this last phase of the fight, your health bar will disappear, you won’t have the ability to come back to life, and the ability to age and retry is not available.

It’s time to break his Structure once and for all by using the same tactics you used in the past. This time you will need to use your finisher against Yang, unlike the way you stopped with other bosses. The secret and final ending of the game, along with a secret cutscene are both unlocked as a result of this action.

To prevent any spoilers I found it best not to describe what happens here because it would be best if you played the game yourself and found the secret ending!

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