How to hack phones

How Hackers/Stalkers Can See Everything on Your Phone

Anyone can hack your phone and usually, it is for malicious reasons. We all know somebody who we don’t trust and don’t want them to see what we are doing. Often these people are close to us, like our partners, friends, and family. We can easily prevent these hacks on our phones to prevent data theft and more dangers. By using hack keyboards, anyone can see what you are typing, sending, and do a lot more. Some advanced keyboards let you see even who you are talking to, record your voice, track you, etc. 

How do these hacking keyboards work?

These special keyboards record and keep track of everything typed. This data is then sent to you via email. The paid version of these do so much more. You can even track or record calls, WhatsApp, Snapchat, camera, internet history, etc. These keyboards are also known as keyloggers

Beaware of the hacking apps installed on your phone

The two hacking apps we found to be useful are:

  1. Flash Keylogger
  2. Snoopza

Flash Keylogger

This keyboard has two versions available on PlayStore. First, let’s take a look at the free version. The free version offers:

  • Customize keyboard colors and theme
  • Hide Option
  • Works without root
  • Keylogger

The free version offers a lot. You can hide the keylogger by changing its app icon. The only downside is that it displays ads. No, read or write access is needed to use the Free Flash Keylogger. Now let us take a look at paid version, the Flash Keylogger Pro. The paid version has more features:

  • Remote mailing
  • Custom keyboard
  • Keylogger
  • Hide Option
  • No-root needed
  • See the data from any device

The paid version’s hide option is better. You can change the icon but also hide it completely. It will not show anywhere you can see the app in the language option. The current price of it is 2.99$. Once you get this version, no ads will pop up.


Just like Flash Keylogger, this has two versions. The free version and the paid version. However, Snoopza is far better than the previous. This hacking app has a lot of features. The free version of Snoopza offers:

  • Track Calls
  • Manage SMS
  • Track Internet History
  • See Location

The free version of Snoopza offers a lot more than the paid version of Flash Keylogger. You can track the calls, see messages, location, and browsing history. The phone’s own hide option will work. The basic version does not offer a hide option. The paid version of Snoopza offers:

  • Track Calls
  • Manage SMS
  • Track Internet History
  • See Location
  • Record Calls
  • Viber spy
  • Facebook spy
  • WhatsApp spy
  • Snapchat spy
  • Screenshots
  • Check Contacts
  • Stealth Mode
  • Track Todo List
  • Track Camera
  • Detect SIM card replace

You can hack phone, do all the necessary tasks, and more as well. You can hear the recorded calls. View the user’s Facebook pics and videos. The hide options are far better than any other apps. Get camera files and see them. See the user’s contacts. You can capture screenshots remotely. There are tons of options in the paid version. Snoopza works on Windows, Mac, and Android.

Snoopza Hack Phone Options

How to set up Snoopza and hack phone:

Why should we beware of these hacking apps?

In every case, you will need physical access to the user’s phone. Because to hack a phone, the phone needs to allow access. After setting up the apps, anyone can view and control them remotely. These apps are very dangerous if not used appropriately. They can see who is the user contacting or where are they located. These apps can be your allies and vital tools for security. So make sure to use the free versions of these apps appropriately. If you find these tips useful, let us know in the comments if we have missed anyhting. You might also like to know how to get rid of virus.

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