Messenger special effects on Android and IPhone.

How to use new Special Effects in Messenger’s Latest Update

Facebook uses Messenger as its messaging app and has brung tons of new ways to keep its users entertained. Some updates fix bugs, add essential features, and others bring new exciting features like celebration effects, confetti animations, and so much more. In a recent update, Facebook added special emoji effects displayed around your text, and you can also interact with it. This cool feature lets the sender and also the viewer to interact with messages! 

New Emoji Effects in Messenger

The latest Messenger’s update came out, and a new Effects tab has been added in the chat. The new update of Messenger came on iOS and Android, so both can use the special effects. The Effects tab displays four different effects:

  • Love Effect
  • Celebration Effect
  • Fire Effect
  • Gift Effect

Love effect is displays hearts at each corner of your text message. If clicked on, the hearts swiftly fly away and then reappear at the bottom of your text. The Celebration effect shows confetti falling in the background of your text. When sent/received or clicked on it, confetti pops and you can see it showering down on your screen.

The coolest of these all is the Fire effect. You will see fire rising up from each end of the text, and if you click on it, a third one will rise from the centre of the text. The last one is the most unique that is the Gift effect. This effect wraps up your text in a pink gift box tied with white ribbons. You need to click on the gift which will open the gift box for you, revealing the present inside it! You need to go back to the homepage of Messenger and open the chat again to automatically wrap the gift box again.

How to send text with Special Effects in Messenger

All these effects are super awesome, and I have had a ton of fun using these. You can use Messenger emoji effects by following these few steps:

  1. Update your Messenger to the latest version.
  2. Find a contact you want to send special texts to.
  3. Write something down.
  4. Press the search button.

Voila, that’s it, you can now click on any of the four available effects present under the “EFFECTS” tab. These are a few effects but in the future, expect more because these are really fun to use. If you liked this article, you might also like: How to play Flash games in 2021.

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