WhatsApp is now on status and it will stay there

WhatsApp is now on status

Whatsapp will now post their own statuses, and every user can view them. On 27 January, Whatsapp posted four images declaring their arrival and the reason to use Whatsapp Status.

Whatsapp conveyed these messages to all its users in its first status:

WhatsApp is now on Status! We’ll let you about new features and updates here. One thing that isn’t new is our commitment to your privacy. WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your personal conversations as they’re end-to-end encrypted. Stay tuned for more updates!

This initiative came in response to tackle misinformation that was widely spread a few days ago. The rumor was the new WhatsApp update will let them store, read and sell your data. This caused quite a stir among people, so much so that Whatsapp delayed its update and cleared this in their confusion about WhatsApp new privacy policy 2021 blog. A lot of users also ditched Whatsapp and shifted to other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal. Around 25 million new users registered to Telegram and Signal was downloaded by 17.8 million users recently.

Hence Whatsapp’s status will let you know about its recent updates, new Whatsapp privacy and policies, messages, and important announcements directly via statuses.

whatsapp is on status
WhatsApp’s first Status

The new status is a bit different from normal ones in the following ways:

  • Whatsapp shows a blue tick with its name referring to itself as a verified authority.
  • You can not reply to Whatsapp’s status as you would normally do to others.
  • Whatsapp status is displayed on Android and iOS, but when using WhatsApp web you will not see the status.

Whatsapp hopes that their new initiatives will restore users’ trust and mend their relationship.
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