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Little Kitty Big City: All Find Chameleon Locations Guide

If you have just started the quest Find Chameleon or haven’t completed this missions in Little Kitty Big City then this guide is for you! In this guide I will tell you the all the locations where you can find the chameleon and complete your Find Chameleon quest. Also, there is a huge reward for completing this quest that you will get after completing it.

How to start the Find Chameleon Mission

Go to the below location on the map and move to the right of the street. Near the end of the road go through the open door and go straight until you see sand. Now jump up the boxes and there you will find the Chameleon. Interacting with him start your quest of finding him 8 times.

All Find Chameleon Locations in Little Kitty Big City

Here are all the locations where you can find the Chameleon:

Location 1: Find Chameleon

Finding Chameleon the first time is rather easy you simply need to go behind the construction site and immediately turn left. Inside the blue box you will find the Chameleon for the first time.

chameleon firs location little kitty big city

Location 2: Find Chameleon… again

The second location would be inside the park where you find a lot of items. You just need to climb up the slides as shown in the image and in there you will find the Chameleon for the second time hence completing the second part called Find Chameleon… again of the mission.

little kitty big city find chameleon. again mission

Location 3: Find Chameleon, Part III

After you find the Chameleon inside the children’s park for the second time you just need to look ahead of the slides and you will see vending machines. On top of those vending machines you will find the Chameleon hiding and thus completing the third part of the mission.

find chameleon part III

Location 4: Find Chameleon – Episode 4

To find the Chameleon for the fourth time you need to go to the gecko store where you will find a lot of yellow gecko action figures. This store is located at the bottom of the map. Inside the store you simply need to climb to the top shelf of the action figures and you will find the Chameleon over there.

Location 5: Find Chameleon – 5IVE!

Go to the below location on the map located at the far left corner of the map at the edges. In between the entrance the to the outskirts you will find two vending machines. Climb the vending machines and then you’ll start climbing the building. Don’t stop climbing until you see a lady at the top watering her plants. Behind the lady will be an enclosed area where you will find the Chameleon for the fifth time completing the Find Chameleon: 5IVE! part.

Location 6: Find Chameleon – Fast & Furious

To find the Chameleon for the sixth time go the road that leads to the Gecko action figure store. On that road you will see a red truck parked beside a closed alley. At the end of the closed alley you can see the Chameleon hiding at the very top of the wall. Climb the truck and follow the path leading upwards and talk to the Chameleon to complete the Find Chameleon – Fast & Furious part.

find chameleon fast furious

Location 7: Find Chameleon – Chapter 7

Remember the lady watering at the top of the house where you found the Chameleon for the fifth time? Just behind that building is a small path. Follow that path and at the center of it will be a sign board where you can find the Chameleon.

find chameleon fast furious 1

Location 8: Find Chameleon 8 – The Return of Chameleon

The last location is neat the bottom centerish part of the map where you feed the dog a bone. Just beside the dog will be a stack of boxes that you can climb which will lead you to a bathroom. Inside the bathroom will be a mirror which is the last location of the Chameleon!

Reward for Completing Find Chameleon Quest

The reward for completing the Chameleon Quest is a Top Hat or as per the Chameleon a Magician’s Hat.

That’s it! I hope you had fun following this guide and locating the Chameleon to complete this quest. If you are into gaming see more guides here.

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