Manor Lords: How to have Custom Cursors in the Game

manor lords custom cursors

Modifying single-player games is fun, and that’s also the case with the game Manor Lords. The most visible item here is the cursor. Now if you want to spice up your game and add a custom touch you can change the cursor to your liking!

How to Add and Use Custom Cursors in Manor Lords

To add a custom cursor in Manor Lords you need to navigate to the directory where your game is installed and then head to CursorsHardware folder. Your cursor PNGs will be present in this folder and you can replace them with your custom ones.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can add custom cursors in Manor Lords:

  1. Open Steam and right-click on Manor Lords to see extra options.
  2. Select Manage and then click on Browse Local Files.
  3. Now you need to go to ManorLords > Content > CursorsHardware or you can paste the following in front of your file path: \ManorLords\Content\CursorsHardware
  4. In this folder, you will see three different cursors. Each is used for different tasks. The default cursor is used in any case, the attack is used when fighting, and the last is for zoom.
  5. You need to download a transparent PNG and replace the existing cursors with the same name to use them. For example, if I want to change the default cursor, I will download a banana with transparent background, paste the image in the above-mentioned directory and rename it cursor_default_modern2.

Important: Now you know half the process. The cursor needs a special image and other criteria to function properly. Hence, read the below to make the custom cursor function properly.

Note: It is important to backup your images in another file before making any changes. If you forget the names of the cursors here they are:

  • cursor_default_modern2
  • cursorAttack
  • cursorZoom

How to Properly Create Custom Cursors for Manor Lords

PNG Image

You need to use a PNG image for cursors. There are two ways to do this:

  • Either you download a PNG file by searching cursor PNGs and saving them as PNG
  • You can download images in any format like JPG, or JPEG and then convert them to PNG. You can search online for any converter like you can search JPG to PNG to find an online converter tool.

If you don’t know what the file format is right click on it and see the Type of File to identify it. 

Transparent Background

The first step to making a cursor is to make it transparent. You can head over to Remove Bg and paste your downloaded image to make it transparent. The website is pretty smart and usually will correctly remove the background and make it transparent. After removing the background download the cursor PNG.

Image Size

You can have any image size you want. The standard size in the game is 32 by 32 but you can have bigger or smaller images. Just know that the top left corner of the image is where your mouse click is. Hence slanting cursors instead of cross cursors is recommended.

Manor Lords Cursor Ideas

  • Among Us Cursors
  • Banana Cursor
  • Age of empire cursor
  • Anime cursor
  • Elon musk cursor
  • Cat Paw cursor
  • Rainbow Cursor
  • Thanos Cursor
  • Ghost Cursor
  • Meme cursors
  • Pusheen Pikachu cursor
  • Pusheen Cupid cursor
  • Troll Face Cursor
  • Mr. Beast Cursor
  • Spiderman Pointing Cursor

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