How to Use Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock spectator mode

Minecraft bedrock edition 1.19 Update allows users to use spectator mode. For a long time, only Java Edition players could utilize the Spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. That will soon change, though, thanks to the 1.19 The Wild Update.

It’s a fantastic game option that allows players to explore any block in search of any entrances or caverns that may exist. It’s mostly used for searching for cracks or holes in solid block walls, whether they’re above ground or not.

While Mojang has just included a means to activate the long-awaited gamemode in the beta versions, it has undergone some modifications and faced some issues in the process.

Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 Update

There is currently no way to enable the game mode since it is still being developed and will be available with the next update. Instead, users will have to turn the functionality on and off in the game’s global settings.

Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock

Step 1: The ‘Experiments’ list may be accessed by clicking the edit button in the World List and scrolling down. Before creating a new world, they may activate the ‘Spectator Mode’ toggle switch here.

Step 2: In order to unlock the experiment features, players must always turn this option on before the environment is constructed.

Step 3: Once they’ve done this, gamers will need to access the ‘Allow Cheats’ option, which will allow them to create and execute instructions. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players may only access spectator mode by using commands.

gamemode minecraft bedrock

Step 4: They’ll need to do a couple more things before they can effectively activate the cheats and spectator mode they’ve already activated. Players will join the gamemode if they input the command ‘/gamemode spectator’ and execute it normally.

Additionally, players may note that the spectator mode will display a survival mode HUD, which includes the health and hunger gauge. However, gamers needn’t worry about this since it will be corrected as well.

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