NFS Mobile Game Footage and Contents Leaked Online

NFS HEat mobile leak

Footage of the next Need for Speed mobile game has just leaked online. Need for Speed subredditor u/Clxbsport shared 46 seconds of the open-world game. This gameplay was apparently posted by another NFS discord member, u/NFSLYY. Moreover, they provide a wealth of additional, crucial details about the game.

Need For Speed Mobile in development by Tencent

Job advertisements from earlier this year indicate that Tencent’s Timi Studio is presently working on Need for Speed Mobile. This studio has previously worked on Call of Duty Mobile and Pokémon Unite.

Tencent’s job postings for a “well recognised large IP realistic racing mobile game” sparked speculation of a new open-world Need for Speed game for mobile devices. Another post on Reddit which allegedly features Tencent’s 2021 Product List did mention ‘Need for Speed Online Mobile’ as an item on the list.

A leaked video from the Need for Speed subreddit earlier today is the first glimpse many have gotten at EA’s next mobile Need for Speed project, which has yet to be formally announced.

tencent job listing for nfs

This is the ad post of Tencent which is hiring for open world realistic racing mobile game. However, there are no references of it being an ad post for NFS.

NFS Mobile Powered by Unreal Engine 4 – Looks Superb

According to the listings, Unreal Engine 4 is powering the development of the next open-world NFS mobile game. As a result, it’s safe to assume the visuals will be top-notch. It’s possible that it’s on par with the most current NFS Heat, if not better.

According to rumor, this gameplay clip was obtained from a recent test and shows roughly 45 seconds of open-world urban racing, which alternates between driving during the day and driving at night under neon-hued lighting.

Other Leak Details: Cars, Map, Police, Setting and More!

According to u/NFSLYY, the McLaren F1, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJR, and the Lamborghini Gallardo are the only three vehicles now available. Using NFS Heat’s Palm City as a model, the map will be based on Miami. They also claimed that the game will have no story. Moreover, unlike Heat where the police play an important role is not included as well. NFS EDGE, a prior free-to-play NFS game, has identical controls to this game.

Though it may not be the final name, the product title ‘Need for Speed Online Mobile’ indicates that the game will need a continuous online connection to play. The game has day and night cycles, as can be seen in the leaked clip. However, it is not yet confirmed if the day and night system will be dynamic or be according to the missions.

Second NFS Mobile Game (Not Officially Announced Yet)

Need for Speed: No Limits is the only NFS mobile game currently available. Over the last year, it has garnered a lot of excellent feedback. However, the leaked Need For Speed mobile game seems to be nearing completion based on its current state of testing. There’s a chance we’ll hear anything later this year.

EA has revealed that a new Need for Speed game for PC and consoles, created by Criterion, is in the works, while the mobile version has yet to be officially announced. This second project’s details are equally few, although a flurry of recent rumors suggests it will premiere later this year on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S instead of earlier platforms, take place in a fictitious Chicago, and bypass previous consoles altogether.

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