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Pixel Gun 3D: Account Transfer Guide to Steam

Welcome, Pixelgunners! The moment we’ve all been eagerly awaiting is almost upon us – the launch of PG3D PC Edition. As we prepare to dive into the pixelated battles on a grander scale, the question of transferring our hard-earned progress from mobile to PC looms large. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran aiming to continue your journey or a newcomer curious about the process, our comprehensive guide is here to ensure a smooth transition of your account to Steam.

What You Need to Know Before Transfer

Before we embark on this journey together, there’s a crucial checkpoint you must pass: ensure your mobile game version is updated to 24.4.5. This version is the key to unlocking the transfer gate, enabling you to migrate your progress, arsenal, companions, and rewards to your PC seamlessly.

Steps to Transfer Your Pixel Gun 3D Account to Steam

On Your Mobile Device:

Step 1: Navigate to Account Transfer Option

  • Begin by navigating to the in-game settings.
  • Tap on “Account Transfer or Deletion.”
pixel gun 3d mobile account transfer

Step 2: Select Transfer ID

  • Choose “Transfer ID” to initiate the process.
pixel gun 3d transfer id option

Step 3: Generate Code for Transfer

  • Create a secure password for the transfer. This will act as your safeguard, ensuring that only you can initiate the migration.

Transitioning to PC:

Step 4: Start Transfer Process on PC

  • Upon launching PG3D on your PC, access the in-game settings.
  • Click on “Account Transfer or Deletion.”

Important: A pop-up will greet you at the game’s start, offering a choice between starting anew or syncing your mobile progress. Make your selection carefully to proceed.

Step 5: Select Transfer ID

  • Opt for “Transfer ID” as your method.

Step 6: Enter Code Generated Earlier

  • Input the password generated on your mobile device to validate the transfer.
enter code for transfer on pg3d pc

Step 7: Replace the Account

  • Select “Replace” to restore your beloved PG account to its new home on PC.

Step 8: Acknowledge and Proceed

  • Click “Continue” to confirm the transfer, fully aware of the new account’s potential overwrite.
pixel gun 3d replace pc steam account with mobile

Step 9: Revel in Your Achievements

  • Voilà! Your progress is now available on PC. Note: Attempting to access your account on the old device may prompt a “Connection Error.” Simply reconnect to update the account status on both devices.

Important Considerations

  • One-Way Street: Transfers from Steam back to mobile or other platforms are not supported. Your Steam account can be linked to only one PG3D account.
  • Sync Magic: Your account will automatically sync across platforms you’ve connected to (Google Play, Steam/AppGallery), allowing for seamless transitions between devices.
  • Account Linking: Unlinked game progress (e.g., not associated with Google Play, App Store) risks being lost in the transfer. Ensure your account is properly linked to prevent this.

Prohibited Actions

Beware the temptations of selling, gifting, or trading your account. Such actions violate the Terms of Service and could result in permanent account termination. Keep your gaming experience fair and enjoyable for everyone by adhering to these guidelines.

Wrapping Up

Transferring your PG3D account to Steam is a gateway to experiencing the thrill of the game on a larger scale, without sacrificing the progress you’ve painstakingly made. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth transition, and dive back into the action with your arsenal and achievements intact. Happy gaming, Pixelgunners!

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