Potion Permit Ultimate Dog Guide: Bonding, Feeding & More

potion permit dog

Potion Permit is a game where your main goal is to keep everyone in the town safe, healthy, and happy. You have a dog as your companion to help you in your adventures. Your furry companion is immensely useful and has tons of uses. However, the dog also requires you to look after it. Hence, I made this guide.

In this guide I will explain the dog friendship, bonding, uses, feeding, basics and more in Potion Permit.

Potion Permit: Complete Dog Keeping Guide

How to Increase Friendship With Your Dog

1. Feeding the Dog

Feeding your dog in Potion Permit is a necessity because if it is hungry then it won’t be able to use its abilities. You may feed the dog by shopping for food at one of Moonbury’s many grocery stores, cooking your own meals at home, or scavenging around the surrounding area.

How to know your dog is hungry?

Your dog will whimper and slow down considerably when it’s hungry. If you require them to find a certain NPC or get a specific item from a mound, they will be of little use.

What is the best way to collect food for your dog?

The game’s first stages include limited resources. Since you should be saving your money for improvements instead of buying meals every day, gaining access to the kitchen shouldn’t be your first goal. Since that is the case, your best bet is to go foraging.

How to Feed your Dog?

Dog food and treats need you to be close to your dog’s position before you may feed them to him. The Whistle button, by default assigned to the right mouse button, is used to call your dog to your location. After your dog comes running up to you and sits down, you may give them food.

2. Feed Dog the Food They Like

Your dog has likes and dislikes, and satisfying those preferences with food is one of the best way to boost the affection metre between you two. Fortunately, the dog likes mushrooms and honey, so you may stick to using both exclusively until later on in the game.

How to Pet Your Dog

In Potion Permit, you can pet your dog by calling him to your location using the Whistle action. Then you have to click on the dog to show action buttons. After the actions pop up, you need to select the Pet option. Petting your dog increases your bond with them.

Benefits of Increasing Friendship & Keeping the Dog Happy

Keeping your dog happy enables extra abilities that you can use

1. Lead to NPCs

 First of all, he’ll gladly take you to whatever NPC you ask him to as long as he’s fed. As the villagers tend not to remain in one spot for very long, this is a tremendous boon. 

2. Dig Up Valuable Items

He’ll begin excavating holes for loot once his friendship metre is full. Take care of the dog if you need valuable resources like ginger.

Potion Permit Dog-Related Achievements

There are two achievements related to your dog in Potion Permit:

1. Dog Whisperer

Reach level 1 friendship with your dog to unlock the Dog Whisperer Achievement. You can do this by petting your dog daily and feeding it the food it likes.

2. Animal Lover

You will unlock the Animal Lover Achievement by petting your Dog 50 times!

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