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Stay Out: The Ultimate Cooking, Recipe & Buff Guide

Survival in the Stay Out game is a constant battle against hunger, danger, and the unknown. In this unforgiving world, food is not just a means to satisfy your hunger. Food and cooking items are a valuable resource that can provide essential buffs to enhance your chances of survival. From foraging plants to harvesting animal organs, the culinary arts take center stage as you seek to create meals that offer both sustenance and special abilities.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on cooking in Stay Out. This guide will teach you how to create powerful, buff-enhancing meals by combining ingredients, navigating the tiers of cooking difficulty, and avoiding poisonous food. Whether you’re a seasoned survivor or just starting your journey, this guide will delve into the intricate mechanics of food preparation and help you master the art of creating powerful, buff-enhancing meals.

Discover the secrets of ingredient combinations, navigate the tiers of cooking difficulty, and learn how to avoid the treacherous pitfalls of poisonous food.

stay out food from pot
stay out food from pot

With careful planning, a touch of luck, and honed cooking skills, you can turn simple ingredients into culinary wonders that grant you extraordinary benefits. So grab your cooking utensils, sharpen your senses, and let’s embark on a culinary adventure where the right meal can make all the difference between life and death.

Stay Out: Cooking Recipes

Here are all the cooking recipes in Stay Out that you can make with their ingredients, difficulty to make them and buffs/advantages:

Buff NameIngredientsBuff Effect AmountHunger SatisfactionCooking DifficultyDish Name
Stamina RefillArmored Verliock paw2300MediumThe Second Wind soup
Stamina RefillVerliock leg1200EasyThe Second Wind soup
Stamina RefillYoung Verliock leg1100EasyThe Second Wind soup
Health regenerationHypercium Inflorescences21Medium
Health regenerationKokushnik11Easy
Health regenerationCarrot160Easy
Health regenerationSpices set12Easy
DetoxificationGiant rat tail480DifficultThe Cleansing broth
DetoxificationBig rat tail240MediumThe Cleansing broth
DetoxificationCowberry12EasyThe Cleansing broth
DetoxificationBlueberries12EasyThe Cleansing broth
Skin HealHoney Fungus221Medium
Skin HealRussula Mushroom112Easy
Skin HealLicorice Root21Medium
Skin HealPlantain Leaf11Easy
Skin HealOnion130Easy
Max HealthPorchini Mushroom180EasyFried Mushroom
Carry weightBoar Heart4250DifficultHeavyweight stew
Carry weightBoar Ear 2100MediumHeavyweight stew
Carry weightBoar Leg1350EasyHeavyweight stew
Carry weightYoung Boars Leg1250EasyHeavyweight stew
Stamina consumptionEye Verliock4200DifficultThe Marathon Man broth
Stamina consumptionVerliok wing2450MediumThe Marathon Man broth
Stamina consumptionVerliok egg2300MediumThe Marathon Man broth
Stamina consumptionSlippery jack mushroom130MediumThe Marathon Man broth
Stamina consumptionPotato180EasyThe Marathon Man broth
Stamina consumptionCalvatia125MediumThe Marathon Man broth
Radiation Sickness ResistancePale Toadstool Mushroom412Difficult
Radiation Sickness ResistanceLycoperdon Mushroom227Medium
Radiation Sickness ResistanceBoletus230Medium
Radiation Sickness ResistanceChanterelle Mushrooms125Easy
Radiation Sickness ResistanceStrawberries12Easy
Frostbite resistanceBear Fat4400Difficult
Frostbite resistanceBlyak fat2350Medium
Frostbite resistanceLard2400Medium
Frostbite resistanceDog-rose Fruits12Easy
Frostbite resistanceDaisy Inflorescences11Easy
Resist Poison Poisoning From BitesSpider Manibles240Medium
Resist Poison Poisoning From BitesBig Spider Leg2120Medium
Resist Poison Poisoning From BitesPeat Bog Spider Leg2140Medium
Resist Poison Poisoning From BitesDandelion Root11Easy
Resist Poison Poisoning From BitesSpider Leg180Easy
Resist Poison Poisoning From BitesSmall Spider Leg160Easy
Food poisoning resistancecalamus root42DifficultFortifying decoction
Food poisoning resistanceCalamus21MediumFortifying decoction
Food poisoning resistanceCloudberry22MediumFortifying decoction
Food poisoning resistanceRosehip inflorescences11EasyFortifying decoction
Food poisoning resistanceBlueberries12EasyFortifying decoction
Increased maximum staminaWolf Heart490Difficult
Increased maximum staminaDog Heart280Difficult
Increased maximum staminaCranberry22Medium
Increased maximum staminaWheat12Easy
Increased maximum staminaMeat1220Easy
Increased health regenerationvalerian inflorescencences21Medium
Increased health regenerationMint11Easy
Increased health regenerationMacrotyphula Mushroom110Easy

Cooking Tips For Better Food and Buffs

  • In Stay Out, cooking food is crucial for survival. You have two pot sizes: Tourist Pot (5 portions) and Airborne Pot (3 portions).
  • Adding water to a recipe doubles the calorie content of the food.
  • Cooking skills lower the chance of getting food poisoning.
  • Investing in Food Poisoning Resistance reduces the risk of falling ill from poisonous food with 1 point.
  • Some ingredients in the edible table are safe and won’t cause food poisoning. However, every cooking attempt carries a chance of getting food with 1 point of food poison attribute.
  • The frequency of receiving 1 point of food poison depends on your cooking skills and the cooking difficulty.
  • Certain ingredients are inherently poisonous and will always result in food poisoning. The level of poison can be higher than 1 point, and some poisonous ingredients have interesting attributes.
  • A comprehensive list of ingredients can be found on, but note that the English names of the ingredients may be misspelled.
  • Combining multiple ingredients with the same attribute applies the attribute only once to the food, taking the highest value.
  • The chance of getting poisoned remains the same, regardless of the number of ingredients used (determined by the highest attribute in the pot).
  • The cooking chance is the same for both pot sizes. The small pot which is the Airborne Pot (3 portions) is suitable for quests, while the big pot which is the Tourist Pot (5 portions) is more efficient when cooking for yourself.
  • Understanding these cooking mechanics will help you make informed decisions and increase your chances of survival in Stay Out.

Congratulations! You have now mastered the art of cooking in Stay Out, harnessing the power of ingredients to create meals that not only satiate your hunger but also provide valuable buffs for your survival. By understanding the mechanics of cooking, ingredient combinations, and the risks associated with food poisoning, you are well-equipped to navigate the culinary challenges of this unforgiving world.

Remember to carefully choose your ingredients, experiment with different recipes, and consider the cooking difficulty and your own skill level. With each successful meal, you’ll enhance your chances of survival, gaining potent buffs and fortifying yourself against the dangers that lie ahead.

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