Titan Fall 3 for Pre-Order Spotted in GameStop Germany

titan fall 3 pre-order

Several sources claim that German GameStop locations are taking pre-orders for Titanfall 3.

The Titanfall series has made a name for itself as a well-known first-person shooter franchise. Titanfall incorporates mechs into the fast-paced, high-octane action as customary in first-person shooter games. The series has quite a number of die-hard fans, and their accomplishments are noteworthy. The Titanfall 2 community has banded together to defend itself against cyberpunks and keep the servers functioning even as the odds were dwindling.

Considering Respawn Entertainment has already said that they have no plans to make a third Titanfall game, the prospect of a third installment seems remote. In addition, Respawn Entertainment has got its hands full with Star Wars-related projects of all shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, according to a new report, Titanfall’s future isn’t completely bleak. There have been several reports of Titanfall 3 becoming available for pre-order at GameStop locations in Germany. A number has reportedly seen Pre-orders for the game at various retailers.

Pre-orders for Titanfall 3 look to be available in Germany, according to Reddit user Va0Ce, who provided an image of what appears to be a GameStop pre-order kiosk. The phenomenon has divided players into two camps, each claiming a different explanation for it. “The clerk informed me it will probably come around autumn,” the user claimed, “but on the box, it says “no release date announced,” so I’m not sure.” In the end, I’m not sure whether I was scammed or not, but if other people saw it, there must be something??”


“Jetzt vorbestellen,” the text which appears above the Titanfall 3 package, means “Pre-order now.” Pre-orders for a slew of upcoming titles are visible in the picture, all of which have been officially announced. Pre-ordering Titanfall 3 seems odd, but it’s possible that this is a one-off error. GameStop in Germany may be using this to extort money from customers, but that isn’t very likely since it would negatively impact the whole company. However, similar sightings have occurred before; therefore, it is doubtful that this message was fake and that the individual’s post was for attention.

Many people saw the pre-order for Titanfall 3 in a GameStop location in Germany. A similar Reddit post by u/MisterShadow001 approximately two weeks ago went mostly unreported, but it too detailed the same scenario and provided proof of the same thing happening. A similar sighting reported around six months earlier, but there was no proof to back it up. According to one of the workers, the game will release in the last quarter of 2022, which is quite unlikely.

We’d advise you to proceed with extreme caution regarding this information. There is no official or clear proof that Titanfall 3 is even in the works. In the famous NVIDIA GeForce Now leak, which has been legitimate for the most part, we’ve learnt that not every title shown will release. Titanfall 3 is one of them. The most likely scenario is that GameStop made a mistake in Germany.

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