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Age of Empires 4 Hacks Released and Devs are Asleep

Age of Empires has been a fascinating series, and with the latest release on October 28, 2021, we have AOE 4! However, with fans and attention, follow the hackers. We will explain how you can detect hackers, how Age of Empires 4 hacks work, and prevention methods.

Age of Empires 4 Hack Details

First things first, let’s dive into how these hacks work and what are the common ways one can hack AOE 4. The easiest and most common way to hack RTS games (Real-time strategy) is with the help of a software called Cheat Engine. The tool is simple and gets the job done. 

In many forums, I saw that users are more focused on removing FOW (Fog of War) as compared to resources because 99% of the time resources, and other crucial/highlighted things are connected with the server. If the things that a server double-checks for change, then the hacker’s game will be out of sync, and they will disconnect.

The easiest and most prevalent way of hacking AOE 4 and games like this is using the remove FOW toggle that is built-in the game by the developers of the game. Why is this button in the game? Well, because when you replay the game, then you can use this option. 

However, developers often forget to disable this button permanently in multiplayer games and simply make it not visible and clickable. However, its address remains in the game files, which can get accessed via Cheat Engine, and then FOW can be turned off or on in multiplayer games. Currently, this is the way AOE 4 multiplayer hacks work and is also called the Age of Empires 4 map hack.

The same Cheat Engine hack works in Singleplayer, where you can change resources as well, but for now, the resources of AI also change. As long as hacks, mods, or cheats are being used in Singleplayer then no one has a problem. However, using cheats, hacks, or mods in Multiplayer games to get an advantage over others is serious abuse, and one should prevent doing so.

Uncompetitive games like Pikmin Bloom, Among Us, and others can be used to modded on or hacked because they are not competitive. However, these games do require some moderation and do not hurt others.

age of empires 4 hacks cheats

What this AOE 4 Fog of War Hack Will Allow Hackers to do

This FOW hack of Age of Empires IV allows a user to:

  1. Tower Rush
  2. Make only troops that are great counters
  3. Control map
  4. Gather all sheep
  5. Never let opponent build docks
  6. Pick up all relics
  7. And so much more!

Now you can guess how devastating this hack is.

Here is a YouTube video Age of Empires 4 Hack:

What are Age of Empires IV Developers Doing About it

Currently, they are doing nothing, and no reports of such hackers being banned are coming. Some users who allegedly hacked in multiplayer games even encouraged others to use hacks as at the time there is no anti-cheat system. The developers should always be prepared for these situations, as hackers will show no mercy. 

Moreover, in such competitive games where a person builds up and plays strategically for hours in a single game just to be ruined by hackers is extremely saddening and infuriating.

How to Detect Hackers

If a person keeps rushing you at the right time, builds multiple towers correctly, gets all the sheep, denies you docks, has perfect counter units, and is controlling the map, then my friend, you have been bamboozled. Do watch the replay as one’s luck can be with them sometimes. You will see them wandering into the dark and building towers close to your base without even scouting to confirm if the tower will be efficient.

Contact AOE 4 developers on Steam. By opening this link you will go to the Steam page where you can contact the support team, forward them the recorded game of hackers, report them and get more insights about the hacking situation. Good luck!

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