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How Pikmin Bloom Hack Works and Helps Users Unfairly

Pikmin Bloom was released merely 24 hours ago, and we are already seeing some Pikmin Bloom Hacks. Let’s elaborate on how this hack works, its uses, and all about it.

Pikmin Bloom Hack Types

There are a total of two separate hacks:

  1. Steps hack
  2. GPS Location / Spoofing hack

Unlike Pokemon Go’s hacks, Pikmin Bloom Hack’s are quite straightforward (at least one is). Anyone can pull off these tricks to achieve an impossible score in the game. These exploits are so alarming that the game hasn’t even hit the stores in many countries yet. Some users have to download Pikmin Bloom’s APK to use it.

Pikmin Bloom Steps Counter Hack

Pikmin Bloom uses Google fit to keep track of your steps. It also has a built-in detector that counts the motion of your device as steps. Now, the flaw here is that if you shake your device, then it counts the shaking as steps. It is not much of a hack but one of Pikmin Bloom’s tips and tricks. 

The counter isn’t accurate, which is why when you shake your device once, it would count it more than a single step. Unlike Pokemon GO, Niantic’s other game, Pikmin Bloom’s tracking is poor and needs improvement. How Steps counter exploits help users:

  1. Grow Plants faster
  2. Level up faster
  3. Unlock better things
Pikmin bloom steps hack
1607 Steps and my arm feels stronger

Pikmin Bloom Location Hack

Now users have found out ways to spoof their location. Spoofing means that they can sit in their homes and move their character anywhere around the world. This Pikmin Bloom’s location hack is extremely powerful but requires a tiny bit of technical knowledge.

Here is how users hack Pikmin Bloom:

  1. Install Spoofing applications like FakeGPS.
  2. Go to developer settings and set the spoofing app as the default mock location.
  3. Open the Pikmin Bloom game and the spoofing application.
  4. Allow both apps access to everything.
  5. Inside the GPS, change their location and move anywhere!
Pikmin bloom location hack
Planting Seeds From Home

This exploit does not let users increase their steps as Google’s Fit app keeps track of the steps, so even though your location changes, the steps do not increase. Steps only increase, if you shake your device. How GPS location hack helps users gain an unfair advantage:

  1. Plant seeds anywhere on the map.
  2. Move to any location in the world.
  3. In case of any location-specific events, you can go there.

To verify all these exploits we did try these and unfortunately, they do work. So if you ever see someone having an unbelievable amount of steps then it is highly likely that they are using these hacks.

Currently, everyone is using these loopholes to increase their steps and this game is not even competitive. The game focuses on spreading happiness and keeping a person occupied and not dreadful. However, some are using these hacks, and their response is that they are quarantined. So we don’t know if these hacks are good or bad but let us know what are your thoughts on this.

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