ARK Fjordur Basilisk Location & Easy Taming Hack

ark fjordur basilisk location taming

In ARK Fjordur Basilisk location isn’t that hard to find, but taming this creature is a menace, but we have got a hack that will help you tame it easily. The taming hack is a way you can take control of the Basilisk at your will and force it to stay around the eggs that it will eat.

Where to Find Basilisk 

In the Fjordur map Basilisk is located in the volcanic biome with the coordinates 78.6/81.7. You can find them all over the volcanic biome but at the coordinates we mentioned is a place where there are 90% chances of finding at least one spawned Basilisk. 

Instead of going all over the volcanic biome in Fjordur, you should stay in the oil pits at the center, which is where most Basilisks spawn. These Basilisks are super aggressive and will drain half of your health in a single hit, so avoid them if you can.

fjordur basilisk location

Basilisk Taming Hack

To tame a Basilisk, you need to feed it some eggs and once the taming meter reaches 100% the Basilisk will be tamed. However, Basilisk will have to eat multiple eggs to be tamed, and until then, it will try to attack you. Also, Basilisk doesn’t get hungry easily, so it will take you a lot of time to keep it busy until it gets hungry. Hence, taming a Basilisk isn’t easy.

You can easily tame a Basilisk in Fjordur by exploiting the game’s mechanics. The requirements to tame a Basilisk easily are:

  • Basic Eggs x 5
  • Foundation x 1
  • Light pet x 1
  • Rideable flying creature x 1

To tame a Basilisk in you need to go to the volcanic biome at the coordinates 78.6/81.17 and find a Basilisk nearby. Don’t go near it as it will attack you. Place your light pet somewhere, and then place a foundation over your pet. Place all the eggs super close to the foundation and some over it. Now get on your flying tamed creature and go near the Basilisk to start making it attack you. Once it sees you, you must fly towards your trap. Once you and the Basilisk are over the trap, you need to fly upwards, and the Basilisk will try to kill your pet.

basilisk taming hack fjordur

While trying to attack your pet, who is safe under the foundation, the Basilisk will get hungry and will eat your eggs. Eating eggs will increase the taming meter of Basilisk and once it reaches 100% you will have tamed a Basilisk!

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