ARK Fjordur Karkinos: Best Spawn Locations to Find Them

ark fjordur karkinos

In Fjordur Karkinos can be extremely hard to find because they are water creatures and unlike other maps, they spawn in only two secret places in Fjordur. Follow the instructions below to find all the Karkinos locations in Fjordur.

ark fjordur karkinos

Where to Find Karkinos (2 Locations)

In the Fjordur map, you can find Karkinos if you dive straight down into the water at coordinates 76.6/64.8. It is between the ice and volcanic biomes and is easy to spot because of its huge glowing emeralds.

Just dive straight into the water, and you will find a nicely structured environment with greenery and other paths. Here you will see that tons of Karkinos spawn and is the best location to find them. However, due to its remote location and being underwater, it is also dangerous.

fjordur karkinos location

In Fjordur you can find Karkinos located at the coordinates 16.0/98.3 in the Vanaheim Realm. This location of Karkinos is near a waterfall and the water isn’t deep so you can easily find it. The only trouble with it is that it is located in another realm that you have to travel to using teleporters. Here are the locations of teleporters to other realms in Fjordur.

Any survivor who wants to dwell near even the tiniest puddles must fear the Karkinos. Many of them may be found in the waterways of Aberration, where they pose a serious threat to land-dwelling species. Any creature that ventures into or near the water can feel targeted by Spinosaurus-sized predators. 

Larger predators may easily be taken down by this creature because of its massive size. In combat, they use their claws to tear down their target and strangle it. They can climb over rocks and now even simple cliffs, making it tough to flee when you have their focus. They are quick on land and water.

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