ARK Fjordur Gems: Best Location for Blue, Red & Green Gems

blue red green gems in fjordur locations

In Fjordur gems are as important as any other resource, but the difficulty of finding them is higher, as they are GEMS and are uncommon. However, there are secret caves that have plenty of blue, red, and green gems. Follow the instructions below to find all the gem locations in Fjordour.

Where to find Green Gems

In the Fjordur map, you can find Green Gems if you dive straight down into the water at coordinates 40.3/31.7, at the bottom, you will find a cave entrance, which will have tons of green gems.

You need to follow the cave path, and you’ll find that the cave is sealed off and doesn’t have water in it. Hence, you don’t need an oxygen tank inside this. But beware as there are tons of creatures in this cave that will attack you.

green gems fjordur

Where to find Blue and Red Gems

In Fjordur you can find Blue and Red Gems at a single cave known as Aberration Cave located at the coordinates 57.0/85.0. Head straight inside the cave, and the first gems you will find scattered inside are blue gems. 

To find the Red Gems, you will need to go through the loop pathway of the Abberation where you’ll find Red gems that you can mine. The best part about Aberattion cave is that you will find Blue and Red gems inside a single cave. However, there will be creatures that are hostile and will attack you on sight, so be careful.

Another place you can find Blue and Red gems in Fjordur is the Lunar Cave located at the coordinates 86.6/97.7

blue and red gems fjordur

These are the best places you can find in Blue, Red, and Green Gems in Fjordur. There are other places, but the number of gems you will find in them is low.


  • In Fjordur you can find Green Gems at the cave with coordinates 40.3/31.7 and you can find Red Gems and Blue Gems at two caves with coordinates 57.0/85.0 and 86.6/97.7.

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