ARK Fjordur New Creatures List, Location, Abilities & More

ark fjordur new creatures list

ARK Fjordur new creatures list is here with all you need to know about them including their spawn locations, abilities, missions, loot, and more! This list is more of a guide for players as to what these dinosaurs do and why you need them. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

There are a total of 11 new creatures on the Fjordur map of ARK. ARK Fjordur’s new creatures comprise bosses that you will have to defeat for loot and in order to progress while others are tameable with some superb abilities that we have never seen before. 

Category wise there are ARK Fjordur 4 new creatures that are unqiue five are bosses and two minions of bosses.

ARK Fjordur New Creatures List


They may seem slow when searching for food, but when challenged, these slender critters can move extremely quickly. Andrewsarchus, like several other whippomorphs, is known to be hostile in the face of intruders. You may be able to get away from a charging Andrewsarchus if you have enough gap between you. A river or a lake will not shield you from one. Andrewsarchus can plough through deep water as long as its legs can reach the bottom. When starving, these creatures will eat almost anything, but they have a sweet appetite. Andrewsarchus, when anxious, may be calmed down with a spoonful of honey, in my experience.

Andrewarchus Location Coordinates: 41.0 – 82.0, 25.0 – 71.0

Spawn Command of Andrewsarchus:

cheat summon Andrewsarchus_Character_BP_C
andrewsarchus new creature

Benefits of Taming Andrewsarchus 

Provided you don’t require Andrewsarchus to take any turns at full speed, it’s a reliable creature after it’s been tamed. Andrewsarchus is suitable for scouring the ocean floor for pearls because of its low density in the water. A minigun positioned on the saddle is the primary method of targeting adversaries, whereas the rider remains protected in their airtight armored shell. It may not be able to take the same or more damage as most of the bigger species in the ARK, but an armored Andrewsarchus may still be a nuisance.

Fighting: As a result of its minigun saddle, Andrewsarchus is capable of harassing the opposing tribes. With its all-terrain mobility, good biting power, and speed, it’s an excellent escape mount. In addition, it is able to shoot while sprinting, however, it is unable to turn in this position. When equipped with a primitive saddle, the minigun causes a large amount of damage, with 32 dealt every second. In order to maintain a steady stream of fire, you’ll need a vast supply of ammunition.

Easy Tame: A player does not even have to worry about bees on Fjordur, since this resource spawns in the easier zones, making honey a simple supply to get. Andrewsarchus is an excellent choice for an early tame since he can be used without the need for a saddle.

Exploring: An Andrewsarchus with the minigun saddle could either flee or kill numerous mainland dangers, making it an excellent scouting mount. Due to its agility and ability to sprint across the water, Andrewsarchus may be employed to cross the vast stretches of Fjordur. Many high-level dangers on the grid, such as Giganotosaurus and Rexes, are no match for Andrewsarchus at full speed. With its minigun turret, it really can stay on top of everything it can’t flee from, such as Deinonychus.

How to Tame Andrewsarchus

There is no other way to control Andrewsarchus but via non-lethal means. If you want to tame the beast, you’ll need to use the Giant Bee Honey. Andrewsarchus’ limited aggro range means that this may be accomplished without the need for anything at all to decrease wild creature’s detection. Approach it fast and mount it when it is still eating honey.

If this is completed, a mini-game will appear, with two arrows in the middle. It’s important to keep pressing the direction button until it flashes green, then release it as soon as it turns red.


This Creature Double Feature fugitive merits top honors despite all the other monsters on the Fjordur map. Even its species name includes the word “dracula”! Desmodus also possesses a terrifying cry that may frighten everything in its path. Also, it’s savvy enough to just target its prey during the night. When it comes to Desmodus, I’m not a superstitious person, but I’d nevertheless recommend that you pursue these creatures in the open and far from their caves, where they’re very excellent at evading detection and hiding.

Desmodus Location Coordinates: 90.0 – 78.0

Spawn Command of Desmodus:

cheat summon Desmodus_Character_BP_C
ark fjordur Desmodus location and taming

Benefits of Taming Desmodus

The uncanny skills of these creatures may be added to your disposal by taming one of them. Your foes will be dispersed by their terrifying shriek. Make a grab for little prey with Desmodus’s help. Transform your particular stealth mode into its incredible ability to disappear into shadows. Desmodus’ saliva contains a blood thinner that allows it to drain the victim of much more blood than most can possibly consume. A “sanguine elixir” that it can create will let you captivate even the most resolute of creatures.

Blood Pack Creator: The Blood Extraction Syringe is unnecessary while using a tamed Desmodus, since every strike results in the creation of a Blood Pack in its inventory.

Sanguine Elixir: Using 200 Blood packs and the saddle, it can make Sanguine Elixir, a bizarre blood concoction that either offers adjacent unconscious creatures 30% taming progress or a 30% imprinting progress to a newborn that has not yet been properly imprinted.  As a result, Desmodus is a priceless ally in the quest to tame wild animals.

Hunting: Holding down the left button sends out a shrill scream that scares away the bad guys. An echolocation pulse is also created by this, drawing attention to surrounding living things. In addition to its echolocation abilities, it could also deliver a 20% damage boost on any monster, even Brontos, and Gigas, while it is nighttime.

Vampire: Desmodus’ legs may be used to catch small animals if the correct button is pressed. Life Steal is activated through the circle menu while being held and sucks health from whatever has been gripped onto until it is depleted.

At night times it can utilize special abilities, such as:

Hide Ability: Unless the most persistent animals have previously detected Desmodus’ presence, they will never be able to find him while riding. Thanks to its ability to blend in with its surroundings the rider will also be invisible.

Night Vision: Creatures are outlined in the color red at night.

Artefact Finder: Desmodus can be used to seek artefacts in caverns even if the option -ForceAllowCaveFlyers isn’t enabled, thanks to its ability to blend in with its surroundings.

How to Tame Desmodus

For how to tame Desmodus and its spawn location refer to this guide: Where to find Desmodus and how to tame it.


A significant deal of the toughness and tenacity I’ve seen here has been attributed to the animals’ enormous size, strength, and viciousness. The Fjordhawk, on the other hand, survives solely on cunning and scavenging. Prediction and avoidance of danger are other apparent abilities of the bird. Fjordhawks keep a close eye on predators (and survivors) below, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce and snag a meal.

Fjordhawk Location Coordinates: 15.0 – 24.0

Spawn Command for Fjordhawk:

cheat summon Fjordhawk_Character_BP_C
ark fjordur fjordhawk guide

Benefits of Taming a Fjordhawk

Tamed Fjordhawks are remarkably playful, and one of their favorite pastimes is playing fetch with their humans. Your Fjordhawk will go to fetch anything you send him toward. Finding damaged prey is no problem for an experienced Fjordhawk. These intelligent birds will form a close attachment with humans much like any other creature. Your Fjordhawk will promptly carry as much of your stuff as it can if you die, and your companion will find you as soon as you respawn in the ARK and give your gear back to you!

Immunity: When carried on the survivor’s shoulder, Fjordhawk is immune to any damage which would normally be dealt to shoulder dino pets.

Item Retrieval Upon Death: It will try to fly straight to your respawn site with as much belongings it can.

When a Fjordhawk is riding on a player’s shoulder, Fjordhawk can detect nearby corpses and body bags which you can ask to be fetched to you.

How to Tame Fjordhawk

For how to tame Fjordhawk, its spawn location and levelling up refer to this guide: Where to find Fjordhawk, how to tame it and levelling up.


Mega Bee Beyla is a secret mini-boss in the ARK Fjordur map. In the new map, she is among the three newly introduced mini-bosses. To put it another way, Beyla is the sole mini-boss that wasn’t included in the first update, which means that it substituted the little broodmothers Itsy and Bitsy.

You will accumulate ascending gears after defeating Beyla. At least 50 level of a survivor is required to fight Beyla and 30 Runes. Beyla the Mega Bee may be found on the map’s northern boundary at Lat 4.0–Lon 47.5. Because of her low HP and lack of difficulty variations, she should be defeated quickly with adequate damage. 

Fjordur Beyla Location Coordinates: 04.6 – 47.2

Spawn Command for Beyla:

cheat summon Beyla_Character_BP_C
beyla ark fjordur new creature list

Beyla Spawn

These are Beyla’s Minions that will get spawned during the fight with Beyla. Any tames like Megatherium will be relatively useful in fighting Beyla’s spawns because of their bug-killing boost.

Spawn Command for Beyla Spawn Minion:

cheat summon BeylaMinion_Character_BP_C


Steinbjörn is one of the three new World Bosses featured in Fjordur. Make sure that you’re completely ready to confront Steinbjörn if you take him on since he has deadly strikes, a high health bar, and a tiny arena opening to contend with.

Using high-level gear like fur armor may assist you in shielding from the coldness of Jotunheim. Also, this Boss Battle will benefit greatly from the employment of tamed Dire Bears, since they can fit inside the Arena with relative ease, are rather powerful, and offer insulation that keeps the player toasty.

Steinbjörn is a formidable foe, with a wide range of lethal attacks and minions along with the bitter cold of Jotunheim, which all works against you. Steinbjörn will strike the player and their companions after which it will use an ice storm with the debris left behind from the storm.


Last but not least, the environment works against the player since you must keep warm in order to avoid freezing to death, and the entrance to the arena is limited, making it difficult to bring in bigger monsters.

In spite of its menacing appearance, Steinbjörn isn’t without its flaws; it is the slowest of Fjordur’s World Bosses, and hence may be evaded fairly easily as compared to other bosses.

Jotunheim Steinbjörn Location Coordinates: 77.7 – 30.8

Spawn Command for Steinbjörn:

cheat summon Direbear_Character_BP_Steinbjorn_C

Rubble Bear

In the ARK: Survival Evolved expansion Fjordur, the Rubble Bear is Steinbjörn’s minion.

Spawn Command for Rubble Bear:

cheat summon Direbear_Character_BP_SteinbjornMinion_C

Hati & Sköll

These Fenris Bosses are called from the World Boss Terminal in the realm of Asgard, where they live.

Although Hati has a higher hp than Sköll (125000) and is capable of summoning the dreaded Fenrir Minions, it lacks the power to do massive damage like Sköll. As a result of his reliance on damaging strikes, Sköll has a lower health pool, making him an easier target.

Also, be aware that other creatures are far more likely to become involved in this fight due to the fact that this boss fight is taking place in the open.

Hati calls Fenrir Minions and Sköll unleashes an AoE Fire Howl attack that also raises a Spirit incarnation of it to advance in a straight line, complicating the combat.

Be warned that even if Hati dies, the Fenrir Minions it spawned in won’t go away with it like regular bosses and can only die if slain or if Sköll also dies, unlike typical bosses.

Hati Skoll

Asgard Hati & Skoll: 20.5 – 37.1

Spawn Command for Hati:

cheat summon Fenrir_Character_BP_MiniBoss_Hati_C

Spawn Command for Skoll:

cheat summon Fenrir_Character_BP_MiniBoss_Skoll_C


A new unique creature added to Fjordur is Fenrir, which serves more as a prize at the end of the game, and you can not find this creature anywhere else in the map.

Fans of ARK: Survival Evolved may be surprised to learn that taming a Fenrir in the title is somewhat different from what they’re accustomed to. Wild animals are often tamed and fed fruit or meat by players in the wild. Fenrir, on the other hand, is not like that. In order to get Fenrir, you need to defeat the boss Fenrislfr, which will give you a Cryopod that will hold Fenrir.


However, Fenrisalfr is also the end boss which means the pathway to getting a Fenrir isn’t that simple. You will need to gather tons of items including runestones, and then defeat mini-bosses in order to get to Fenrisalfr, whom you will have to defeat. For a step-by-step guide to this whole process refer to this article: How to defeat Fenrisalfr and get Fenrir.

Spawn Command for Fenrir:

cheat summon Fenrir_Character_BP_C


Fenrisulfr is a formidable adversary, and preparedness is essential. Fenrisulfr, would use the same ice storm skill as Steinbjörn, but it also has a number of unique skills of its own, including the ability to shoot ice spikes through the ground, which can knock its foes off their feet, and the Fenrir Howl ability, which gives it the ability to freeze everything in its path and damages nearby enemies with a Mana-like Ice Beam.

It will call Fenrir Minions to help it in the fight. For one thing, it has a very lot of health value, with a million-plus hp on Alpha level, so be ready for a lengthy battle.


There is plenty of water in the River and plenty of space to kite about in the Arena, and Fenrislfr moves slowly enough that traveling long distances should be no problem.

Due to the River on the battlefield, Shadowmanes and Spinosaurus would both be important in the battle. The Shadowmane has the natural armor, while the Spinosaurus has significant knockback with its claw strikes to assist drive-back Fenrir Minions with its claw attacks.

Location Coordinates of Fenrisulfr: Blue Obelisk

Spawn Command for Fenrisulfr (Gamma):

cheat summon Fenrir_Character_BP_Boss_Easy__C

Spawn Command for Fenrisulfr (Beta):

cheat summon Fenrir_Character_BP_Boss_Medium__C

Spawn Command for Fenrisulfr (Alpha):

cheat summon Fenrir_Character_BP_Boss_Hard__C


What are the 4 new creatures in ARK Fjordur?

The four new creatures that are unique in ARK Fjordur are:
1. Andrewsarchus
2. Desmodus
3. Fenrir
4. Fjordhawk

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