Ark Fjordur: Best Maewing Spawn Locations Guide

ARK Fjordur Maewing spawn location 1

On this page, you can find all the Maewing Spawn sites. We’ll show you where the Maewing Spawns are in ARK Fjordur in this tutorial!

While roaming the Eden biome, Maewings are peaceful species that may also be seen swimming in its rivers and lakes. At the first hint of danger, Maewings would take to the sky, leaping into the air and soaring away at great speed.

Trained Maewings are wonderful parents since they take care of your children instinctively. Grabbing enemy kids is a certain way to steal hostile progeny as well.

ARK Fjordur Maewing Spawn Locations

1. Latitude: 21.8 Longitude 93.3

This is where Maewing first appears on the map, at the Lat/Lon coordinates of 21.8/93,3. It may be found in the top left-hand corner of the map.

Many of them may be seen here, foraging among the ground’s trees. The region resembles a redwood habitat in appearance. Some of them may be swimming about in a little lake nearby at the same place.

ARK Fjordur Maewing spawn location 1

2. Latitude: 28.4 Longitude 83.4 

Maewing may be found in LAT: 28.4 LON: 83.4, the second most common location.

It’s still in the redwood forest here. In a tiny lake, they may be spotted bathing and relaxing in the water.

ARK Fjordur Maewing spawn location 2

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