ARK Fjordur Oil Guide: Where to Get with Locations on Map

ark fjordur oil location guide

ARK Fjordur Oil Guide: It’s about time we get our hands on some oil in Fjordur! We’ll tell you where to discover oil in this location in this guide.

The ARK Fjordur oil vein locations mentioned here is the best because each resource in the game has a certain spawn place. The best place to spawn oil is somewhere with heat that forms oil rocks. Hence, it makes perfect sense that the oil rocks in Fjordur are located mostly in deep caves or places with a lot of heat. Still don’t get which place we are talking about? Worry not as the coordinates to ARK Fjordur oil vein locations are mentioned below.

ARK Fjordur Oil Locations

Here are the coordinates to the best oil location in Fjordur map which is located in the volcano biome:

Latitude 79.7 and Longitude 80.0

On the Fjordur map, the most incredible spot to find oil is at coordinates 79.7 and 80.0, near the white cloud in the lower right corner of the map. 

ark fjordur oil locations on map

Around the tar pits, you’ll discover a lot of black rocks that you may mine for oil. You won’t have to worry about encountering any harmful or violent critters on your quest for oil.

Fjordur’s underwater tame may be used to discover oil underwater on the Fjordur map, which you need to swim around and reach. If you don’t have water tame you do not need to worry because there are tons of oil deposits on the land as well.

Just follow these instructions and you’ll be able to find oil on the Fjordur map with ease!

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