ARK Fjordur Rock Drakes: Find Eggs & Nest Location | Guide

ark fjordur rock drake egg location

In ARK Fjordur Rock Drakes can’t be tamed you can only hatch their eggs, hence, it is important for you to know where to find Rock Drake Eggs. In this guide, we will tell you where you can find Rock Drake nests and where you can find tons of eggs to steal.

One of nature’s most impressive predators, Rock Drakes, has perfectly adapted to its surroundings. Claws that can climb the cavern walls and bright plumage on its front limbs allow it to glide from perch to perch without tripping.

Its dynamic camouflage allows it to blend into the background and hunt its victim unnoticed. Even the Nameless and the Reapers have been able to adapt to it. Reaper’s natural enemy is the graceful Draconis, which raises its feathers in warning when it comes approaching.

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Where to Find Rock Drake Eggs & Their Nest

You can find Rock Drake Eggs and their nests you need to navigate to Asgard Realm, and on the coordinates 41.1 and 49.5, you need to head down the caves near the forests. At the end of the cave, you will find Rock Drake nests filled with eggs.

Rock Drakes are incredibly great hunters and whichever tribe has one they are usually strong. To catch up with whatever it is pursuing, the Rock Drake can either fly or run faster than it can be caught by other mounts.

ark fjordur rock drake egg map

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