ARK Fjordur Desmodus: Where to Find & How to Tame | Guide

ark fjordur Desmodus location and taming

Desmodus is an incredibly strong enemy and an ally likewise with some incredible abilities. Hence in Ark Fjordur Desmodus need to be tamed at all possible costs and in this guide, we will tell you exactly how you can do that.

You must first locate a Desmodus in order to tame it. 

Ark Fjordur Desmodus Location

Desmodus can be found in a cave situated at 90 Latitude and 78 Longitude in Fjordur. After you enter the cave you have to go a bit further down the cave to see the Desmodus hanging upside down.

A Desmodus is more likely to be found in this cave than in any other place. But be careful and read the taming section below because they are dangerous.

ark fjordur Desmodus location

How to Tame a Desmodus

Taming a Desmodus isn’t that easy and before you go to tame them you need some equipment/items:

  • 200 Blood Packs
  • Health Packs
  • Harpoon Gun
  • Nets

Be prepared with a few blood packets to lure them as they are the exact same as a Blood Stalker. Take several health packs and a long-range weapon like a Harpoon rifle with nets to deal with the additional Desmodus in the cave. After you have this equipment you may venture into the cave.

Down the cave, you will find a couple of Desmodus hanging from the ceiling. Using a telescope, assess the Desmodus’ levels and pick the one you wish to tame. After you have chosen your target use a net to hold down the Desmodus.

Shoot all the Desmodus you don’t want to tame except the one you want to tame. Now allow the one you’d like to tame to attack you once the other Desmodus is dead. Keep utilizing Blood Packs to heal while you’re in the air. Keep an eye upon that Taming Meter while letting the Desmodus do some damage. After the Taming Meter is filled you will have successfully tamed the Desmodus.

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