ARK Fjordur Snow Owl: Location, Taming, Uses & More | Guide

ark fjordur snow owl

ARK Fjordur Snow Owls are hard to find especially for newer players. Hence we created a lengthy guide on where you can find Snow Owls in Fjordur, how to tame them and their uses.

First introduced in Extinction, the Snow Owl has since made appearances in Genesis, Lost Island, and the game’s newest area, Fjordur.

Snow Owls look a lot like Argentavises, although they’re a little fuzzier and have an owl’s head, as the name suggests. It also comes equipped with a slew of interesting abilities. For starters, it possesses the infrared vision, which enables it to see through vegetation and find its prey.

It also has comparable Dive bombing capabilities to the Griffin. But, the distinction is that it slows down its targets rather than injuring them. Snow Owls do more damage and move quicker than Argentavis. 

Moreover, to cure itself and others, it may curl up into a ball and freeze for a period of time. Nonetheless, it will not make use of any unique skills while out in the open.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Snow Owl descends absolutely quietly, making it ideal for surprise attacks and snatching strikes from behind. Fortunately, this stunning flier has also been included in the current Fjordur map. To learn how to tame one, use the information in this tutorial.

ARK Fjordur Snow Owl Locations

A standard Snow Owl and an R-Snow Owl may be found near Fjordur, Iceland. Snow Owls may be seen on the left main island, notably around 74.6, 08.6.

While waiting for the R-Snow Owls to spawn, you may find them on the bigger island, namely at coordinates 19.5, 65.0. In the wide fields, you may discover a few of them.

If you want to distinguish between the two the R-Snow Owls tend to be darker in appearance as compared to the standard Snow Owls.

ark fjordur snow owl location

How to Knock Out Snow Owls

Tranq Arrows may be used to take out the Snow Owl utilizing the usual Knockout technique. Low basic health means that the Snow Owl is vulnerable to die being shot with arrows, particularly after fighting. Tranq Darts should be used with a Longneck Rifle.

To keep it from escaping, use a taming pen as you would with Argentavis.

You’ll need 27 tranq darts to put the Snow Owl to sleep, but you won’t need any drugs thereafter. A Managarmr or an Argentavis might be used to transport another player who can shoot the Snow Owl with tranqs if you don’t have enough resources for a trap.

In order to properly tranq the owl, you may use the Net Projectile in conjunction with a high-quality longneck rifle or crossbow to immobilise it for one minute.

ark fjordur snow owl taming

Why You Should Tame Snow Owls

Snow Owls are one the best early tames as they grant tons of utilities to players, some of which aren’t found in any other creatures.

  • Transport: fairly high speed, decent stamina, and gliding ability
  • Scout: Default key C enables the Snow Owl’s infrared vision to detect any prey that is hidden behind foliage.
  • Dive-bomber: This bird is able to dive directly down and attack its prey, much like the Griffin. Although all nearby foes are not slain, they are slowed for 5 seconds and gain damage resistance when you dive straight to the ground like the Griffin. Unlike other birds of prey, the Snow Owl descends totally unnoticed.
  • Support: It can cure surrounding animals and freeze them for five seconds using the Right Mouse Button or Alternate Fire Keys. It can also crash down and freeze nearby creatures if used in midair.

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