ARK Fjordur Fjordhawk: Location, Taming, Levelling Up Guide

ark fjordur fjordhawk guide

ARK Fjordur Fjordhawk is the newest species to be added to the game. This bird is exceptionally beneficial, and as valuable it is, the harder it is to find and tame. Hence, I made a complete guide on the Fjordhawk bird that includes its spawn location, the taming process, and the proper way to level it up.

If players die in the game, your stuff will be returned to you by the Fjordhawk, a kind, and resourceful creature.

These creatures are really not swooping down to harm players; they aren’t aggressive. Fjordhawks, on the other hand, are natural scavengers. ARK: Fjordur’s Fjordhawks may be tamed by keeping their nature in mind.

Fjordhawk Uses: Why to Tame One?

In ARK Fjordur a Fjordhawk’s has superb abilities that shine the most because:

  • It can place markers on corpses
  • Cached items will be marked
  • Pick up the baggage
  • If a player dies, retrieve their corpse bag
  • Can carry your items

PVE and PVP are both greatly benefited by Fjordhawk’s ability to recover equipment upon death.

ark fjordur fjordhawk retrieve items

ARK Fjordur: Fjordhawk Location

If you’re using the Dino Scanner, you’ll effortlessly be able to locate it all around the map.

At 16.5 Latitude and 33.36 Longitude, amid the woodlands near the icy mountains in the upper left corner of Fjordur’s map is where the creature can be found. Using your Tech Helmet or Binoculars, you may scan the surroundings for any Fjordhawks that may be lurking about.

Finding these animals may be difficult due to their tiny size, but if you use the Tech Helmet, you can search the area for surrounding creatures and see a white outline indicating their location.

fjordur ark sruvival

How do you tame a Fjordhawk?

Fjordhawks can be tamed by locating a giant dinosaur and hunting it. Then you have to find a Fjordhawk and make it follow you to the dinosaur’s corpse. Using this method, you will be able to fill the hawk’s taming metre very rapidly and avoid having to kill numerous dinosaurs at the same time.

Although you can kill numerous dinosaurs it is better to just kill a couple of big dinosaurs that can satisfy a Fjordhawk’s hunger.

A Fjordhawk’s next meal is only a matter of locating them, attracting its attention, and then directing it to the dinosaur you killed. But remeber that you shouldn’t stray too far from Fjordhawk and lose its interest.

ark fjordur fjordhawk guide

How to Properly Level Up and Use Fjordhawk

Fjordhawks are known for their voracious appetites. In other words, you need to check to see whether they have food on hand. Fortunately, their Food stat is set at 1,000, which is a very high starting point. There is no need to spend any points on this stat, as a result.

Rather, you’ll want to pay attention to Fjorhawk’s health, weight, and movement speed metrics. Whenever you’re ambushed or attacked by dinos or other players, health will help your Fjordhawk last a bit longer.

So that your Fjordhawk doesn’t get weighed down by all of the goods you dropped, you’ll need to increase its weight stats. And last but not least, your Fjordhawk’s flying ability will be affected by its Movement Speed which you also need to improve.

Weight and Health should be increased by at least 200 points, and Movement Speed should be increased by 500 points, for optimal stat distribution.

You should pay greater attention to Movement Speed since it has an effect on how soon the Fjordur and your stuff can return to your spawn spot. Also, because the main purpose of taming a Fjordhawk is its ability retireve your items on death.

That’s it for this guide. If we have missed anything, do let us know in the comments and if you want to know more about other new creatures like the Desmodus taming and location then click here. 

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