Batman and Joker Arrive in Rocket League For Haunted Hallows

rocket league batman halloween

Rocket League has announced that their Haunted Hallows 2021 event will begin today and run until November 1, bringing Batman and Joker-themed cars, decals, and other items to the arena. 

The Rocket League and DC Universe will get smushed together giving off the creepy vibes from the ghostly Gotham city. In the new arena variant: Beckwith Park (Gotham Night) you will get a chance to rumble as Batman or one of his foes. Along with the new arena, players get a chance to complete Haunted Hallows Event Challenges for special rewards.

Haunted Hallows Challenge

Here are some of the Batman and his iconic Super-Villain themed rewards, which you will get for completing challenges:

  • Joker Dominus Decal
  • Joker Boost
  • Poison Ivy Boost
  • Gotham’s Finest Merc Decal
  • Harley Quinn Wheels
  • Harley Quinn Topper

The first reward that players can get is the Dark Knight Player Title for logging in today! Moreover, in this new Beckwith Park, the powerups will be massively different. You can use Joker’s Boxing Glove to punch opponents or the ball, Harley’s Hammer to stun enemies, Poison Ivy’s strong vines that can lock on. How can we forget Batman and his tornado-like ability that throws opponents into the air, Mr. Freeze’s ball freezing ability, and so much more. All of this can be experienced in the new Rumble Mode!

Rocket League Joker Haunted Hallows
Gotham’s finest Merc Decal

The Rocket League Haunted Hallows is rumored to bring back the Golden Pumpkin random crates. These crates include random drops from a range of item series, and if the player is lucky, they can receive extremely rare and expensive cosmetics. The Golden Pumpkins featured items from the Turbo, Nitro, and Vindicator Series last year, and the 2020 edition is still available anywhere from 250 to 400 in-game credits. These free crates can be exchanged for extra cosmetics or credits.

The return of Batman to the Rocket League would be incomplete without the inclusion of his famous car, the Batmobile. The Batmobile (1989), The Dark Knight’s Tumbler, and the Batmobile (2016), all three incarnations of the Dark Knight’s high-tech vehicle, are roaring back into the Item Shop. Each Batmobile has the unique Reel Life Decal, which gives vehicles their signature black hue from the films. Plus, three Bat-Signal Goal Explosions will let you celebrate your accomplishments! These three ferocious Goal Explosions showcase the Bat-Symbol from three distinct eras. Purchase the Batman Halloween Bundle, which includes all of the Batmobiles and Goal Explosions, or purchase any vehicle or item separately. 

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