how to play google dinosaur game

Play Exciting Google Dinosaur Game and 3 Superb Variants!

Google dinosaur game is by far one of the most memorable games we all have played. The game is simple, straightforward, and fun. So what’s not to like about it? However, the t-rex game only shows up when you have no internet connection. So we are here to guide you on how to play the Google dinosaur game with and without an internet connection.

3 Ways to Play Google Dinosaur Game

Here are the three ways you can play the Google dino game:

Going Offline

Going offline is the easiest way to play the dino game. Simply disable the internet connection of your device. If you are on a mobile device like an Android or iOS, turning off your WiFi or data connection will be enough. If you are using a computer, removing the ethernet cable or disabling the Spectrum WiFi will do the job. After doing so, you need to open the Google browser and search for something. You will be greeted with the ‘No internet’ screen. Now you can play the game!

Download Dino T-Rex Game

Are you wondering how to download the T-Rex Game? Well, that’s easy. You can download the Google dino game on your mobile device and computer as well. Here are the links to download the dinosaur game, simply click on the device you are using, and you will be redirected to the download page:

  1. Dino T-Rex Game for Android
  2. T-Rex Runner Game for PC (Windows)
  3. T-Rex Runner Game for iOS (iPhone/iPad/Mac/iPod) 

Play Online Using Link

If you want to play the dinosaur game online, you need to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Open Google browser.
  2. Paste this in the search bar:  chrome://dino/
  3. Play the t-rex game as long as you like!

Google Chrome Dino Game Variants

The above-mentioned method is to play the official Google dinosaur game. The official game is fun but too simple for some people’s taste. If you want to spice things up you can play different chrome dino game versions. These are variations with added or modified properties to the official dino game. So here is a list of more fun versions of the dino game:

how to play google dinosaur game

If you want a more competitive and better experience you can go to to play the game. features a daily and all-time leaderboard for you to beat. Moreover, they have five different art styles or game modes for the dino game:

  1. Night
  2. Color
  3. Mario
  4. Batman
  5. Joker
Google Chrome Dino Game Variants
Batman, Joker and Mario Google Dinosaur Game Variants

T-Rex Hack Runner

In this game you can choose not to do anything and just click on Activate Bot button. The bot controls the T-Rex and you will never lose. Kind of boring if you ask me but it is good to fool everyone by showing them a video of you going full pro in this game. Here’s a link to the: T-Rex With Bot Game.

T-Rex Runner Cartoon

CBC Kids is a website that features games for kids. The T-Rex Runner game can also be found here. This version of the game is a more easy and cartoony type. You can play this game offline and online. Moreover, the high score feature is also available in this game.

t rex runner cartoon
T-Rex Runner Cartoon

Bonus: If you are playing the game on PC and want to hack the Gooogle Dino game, you should see ‘6 Secret Google Dino Hacks for the game you must try now‘. The dino game hacks mentioned here include speed hack, invincibility hack, jump hack and so much more.

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