8 Best Clicker Games Unblocked of All Time

clicker games unblocked

Clicker games are able to reduce complicated concepts to a series of simple clicks and automation. It’s an intriguing notion that begs further investigation, and it really gets you thinking about what makes a game unique. So we tried hundreds of clicker games unblocked and made the list of only the best.

The entire notion of idle games is an intriguing experiment in how to get the most fun out of a single mouse click. By doing so, these incremental games are able to make expansive role-playing games consumable for individuals who just have a few minutes every day to the game.

Previously consigned to the dark depths of Itch.io and Kongregate, the genre has risen in prominence in the past few years, and platforms like Steam are brimming with the new idle, clicker, and incremental games for you to try. It’s almost overpowering.

Fortunately, you have us to assist you to locate the titles worth playing in the list of idle games below. Here are eight games worth checking out. One of the best things about clicker games unblocked is that, with a couple of exceptions, they’re typically free, so if you’re looking for the top free PC games, you could find an idle game that appeals to you.

List of the best idle clicker games unblocked

8. Bit City

In Bit City, the player begins with a little village and gradually expands it into a full-fledged city by upgrading structures such as fire stations, police stations, and other residences. Each of the numerous structures has an upgrade, so they will give you cash that you may use to improve other buildings. You will gain power-ups such as a higher tax rate, which will cause structures to produce more output than usual.

Buildings are not the sole source of money; things like the DMV and toll highways also have an impact on automobile output.

Bit City idle clicker
Bit City

7. Plantera

Plantera begins with a simple task: trap a butterfly in a net and earn one cent. You’ll soon have enough money to start a tiny carrot patch. Collect carrots to gain money for planting a blueberry shrub. You can grow an apple tree if you sell enough carrots and blueberries. Soon, you’ll have a flourishing garden full of delectable fruits and veggies. That’s for sure a lot better idle game than Cookie Clicker.

You’ll get assistants who will automatically harvest ripe crops as you go. You’ll also have to keep undesirable scavengers like magpies and rabbits away from the benefits of your labor. Plantera is among the few videogames on our list that does cost money, but the tradeoff is that it is like a comprehensive game with a lot of options. Moreover, the art style of the game is also great!

Plantera clicker game unblocked

6. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist puts you in the shoes of an entrepreneur hoping to earn a fortune in the investing game. You begin with a solitary lemonade shop and soon find yourself selling pizzas, managing hockey teams, making movies, and even running banks for big bucks. Each firm you purchase improves your earnings and the speed with which you can create items, but it also makes it difficult to divide your focus between all of your businesses. Fortunately, you can employ managers to automate each firm so that money keeps coming in while you focus on other things.

The snowball effect is fundamental to the game AdVenture Capitalist. Watching each firm run independently while you develop your ever-expanding array of businesses captures the addictive spirit of clicker games unblocked. AdVenture Capitalist also believes in the phrase “idle game,” since you may earn income even when you’re not playing the game. Everyone wishes capitalism was this easy to understand.

AdVenture Capitalist idle clicker
AdVenture Capitalist

5. Egg Inc.

This idle clicker game focuses on the hatching of chickens. It appears easy and straightforward, doesn’t it? As with many other clicker games unblocked, looks may deceive. You must have the greatest farm and hens that lay more eggs. These eggs, in turn, may hold the key to the universe’s mysteries.

You read that right. Idly, you started small but rapidly rose to the position of egg tycoon. You must construct various structures, as well as acquire vehicles and farms. Power-Ups include limitless chickens for 30 seconds, golden eggs, and other goodies.

Egg Inc. game
Egg Inc.

4. Clicker Heroes

If you enjoy clicking enemies into oblivion, Clicker Heroes could be the game for you. You begin with a lone warrior, and each creature you click deals a single point of damage. Soon, though, you’ll be able to join teammates that automatically do harm to opponents. You may level up each member of your party with money dropped by defeated enemies, and each character comes with a variety of skills that can be acquired over time to make them more powerful.

The most rewarding aspect of Clicker Heroes is witnessing the amount of destruction you deal grow from single digits to massive amounts. There’s also a surprising amount of variety since numerous character powers can be unlocked at any one moment. There are no incorrect options, though, because everything you do contributes to the amount of damage you can deal, putting a soothing twist on the notion of building in RPGs.

Clicker Heroes game
Clicker Heroes

3. Doge Miner 2

We’re back with our favorite online pups (doges) for another round of addicting clicker action. You must travel to the moon in order to mine it for even more money. You’ll be raking in money in no time with your colony of doge miners and slave kittens who upload adorable videos on the internet.

You can rake in the coin even without clicking thanks to a variety of amusing advancements, bonuses, and other features. You’ll acquire moonstone pickaxes, moon bases, greater doge wages, and more to boost your money per second.

Doge Miner 2 game
Doge Miner 2

2. Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of incremental clickers. You begin by clicking on a big cookie, getting one biscuit with each click. You can buy new cursors to click for you if you bake enough cookies. You may also employ grandmothers to bake cookies, establish a field of cookie seeds, and improve the effectiveness of your clicks.

Once you’ve accumulated enough cookies, you may resume your game and strive for additional improvements like heavenly chips, play new minigames to earn a huge number of cookies at once, and even trade with the Cookie Dragon. There are also occasional events that provide short opportunities to increase your cookie count. You owe it on yourself to try Cookie Clicker if you love idle games at all. 

Cookie Clicker
Cookie Clicker


In Realm Grinder, you take on the role of a little fantasy kingdom’s ruler. You gain money by just clicking on your realm, which you can then spend on structures that produce income for you automatically. Even while you’re not online, buildings like inns and blacksmiths continue to collect money.

The opportunity to select a good or evil path for your kingdom is where Realm Grinder truly distinguishes itself in the realm of idle games, and clicker games unblocked in particular. Choosing one or the other allows you to form alliances with other fantasy races and get access to exclusive structures and improvements. However, once you’ve made your decision, you’re stuck with it for the remainder of the game. Realm Grinder manages to give a remarkable degree of variation even though replayability isn’t exactly a prevalent topic among clicker games.


We really hope you like our list of the best idle clicker games unblocked of all time! Let us know in the comments your favorite clicker games.

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