How to Redeem Steam Codes in 3 Easy Steps (PC & Mobile)

redeem steam codes

Redeeming Steam codes is trickier and makes it harder for you to get the free games or demos you get via Steam keys. These codes offer a variety of benefits, but we have to redeem them as soon as possible because they expire very soon. Hence, in this guide we tell you how you can redeem Steam codes.

If you need to redeem a game or wallet code while on the go but don’t know-how, you may have spent a lot of time looking through the Steam app. Now you don’t have to look any further because we have the answers. Whether you need to activate a Steam wallet code or a game code, you can use this guide to do so from anywhere.

Redeem Steam Codes Through Web Browser (Mobile & PC)

If you want to redeem a game key or use Steam codes, you can’t do so through the mobile application; in fact, you can’t use Steam’s mobile app for any codes at all. The only way you can redeem Steam codes on mobile is using your browser and not the Steam’s application. Here’s how you can redeem Steam codes and keys on mobile and PC:

  1. Go to Steam Activate a product page.
  2. Now Sign in to Steam your account.
  3. Enter the redeem code.

That’s it. You have successfully redeemed your code!

It’s frustrating that you can’t currently redeem a game through the Steam app on mobile. However, Valve might add that feature in the future. 

redeem steam codes in browser
Web Browser

Redeem Steam Codes Through its App on PC

You can redeem steam codes and keys using Steam’s application on your PC. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can redeem steam codes through Steam application on PC:

Step 1: Add Game to Steam

To begin, sign in to your Steam account. After you’ve logged in, look for a button in the bottom left-hand corner of the Steam window that says “+ Add a Game,” and click it. Include the game in Steam.

add game to steam

Step 2: Activate the Game

When you click the “+Add a Game” button, a pop-up menu will appear with three options. You should see a tab labeled “Activate a Product on Steam.” Click this tab to activate a game on Steam.

Step 3: Register Your Game

It is the start of the registration/activation procedure. The first window informs you that you will need a product key to proceed with the process; click next. Following that, you must accept the Steam Subscriber Agreement rules. You can read if you want, or simply click next to proceed with the process.

The next window is where you will paste the code for your game. Copy and paste the entire code into the box that appears, then click Next. The following window will inform you that the process was successful. If you don’t see the next image at this point, something went wrong during the activation process. You’ll have to start over.

Step 4: Download The Game

After you click Finish, you will be presented with a series of windows containing game-related information. Once you’ve read the information, click next until you reach the download screen. It marks the beginning of the download process. All that remains is for you to wait for your game to download and install. Following that, you will be allowed to play!

That is our approach for activating a game code via Steam. It is by far the most straightforward approach. It is, however, not the only technique. If you are still unable to activate your game for any reason, please leave a comment in the area below and we will gladly explain how to activate your game in different methods.

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