Coral Island: How to Get Chicken Suit and Dragon Wings

coral island chicken suit and sky dragon wings

Coral Island gives you a lot of options to customize your character. However, the initial player customization is limited but the in-game customization has more prospects. One of the best suits among the clothes is Chicken Suit and Sky Dragon Wings.

In this guide, I will tell you where you can buy Chicken Suit and Sky Dragon wings.

Chicken Suit 

The Chicken Suit in Coral Islands is a wearable outfit that can be bought from stores. The cost of this outfit is 9000 and doesn’t require players to complete any specific tasks to unlock it. The Chicken Suit is the funniest outfit one can have in the game.

Sky Dragon Wings

Sky Dragon Wings is another funny addition one can equip to their outfit. The uniqueness of Sky Dragon Wings is that they are an accessory and not an outfit so you can wear these on any outfit you want. These cost 8000 in-game currency.

Coral Island: How and Where to Get Chicken Suit and Sky Dragon Wings

There are two places you can get the Chicken Suit and Sky Dragon Wings

White Flamingo Clothing Store

In Coral Island, you can buy the Chicken Suit from White Flamingo Clothing Store which is located to the left of Lings Lab and above the Clinic and Socket Electronics. 

The White Flamingo Clothing Store is closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Rest of the days the shop is open from 10-18:00.

coral island white flamingo clothing store location

Ben’s Caravan

You can buy Chicken Suit and Sky Dragon Wings from Ben’s Caravan. It is located near the northern part of the forest near the bathhouse. 

Ben’s Caravan is only open on Saturday and Sunday. His shop is open from 8:00 to 18:00.

coral island bens caravan store location

Did you know that you can lengthen days in Coral Island and slow down the time?

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