Coral Island: How to Get Books and Read Them

coral island find hidden books

In Coral Island, you will have tons of items to find and they have ridiculous rewards for finding them. Similarly, the game has hidden books that you have to find which will give you new knowledge that you can actually use in the game. Sounds pretty nice but the game doesn’t tell you where to find them.

So, in this guide, I will tell you how you can find books in Coral Island and read them.

Coral Island: Where to Find Books and How to Get Them

To find books in Coral Island you need to go to the Beach and use your hoe to dig in the sand. You will dig up various items and rarely you will get a book from the sand.

coral island find hidden books

To increase your efficiency and chances of finding a book it is better if you use an upgraded Hoe for this work as it lets you dig up multiple tiles in a single click.

Once you find the book, the question arises how can you read the book?

How to Read Books in Coral Island

Step 1: Go to the Library

To read books you need to go to the library which is located in the community center. Inside the community center, the library will be located in the second room on your right above the animal room.

coral island library books

Step 2: Restore its Contents and Donate

The book will not be readable as who knows how long it had been in the sand. Hence, you need to head over to the Librarian’s desk and ask them to restore the book’s content. You can do so by handing them the book.

Fortunately, it costs no money to restore a book’s contents but you will have to donate the book to the library as well.

coral island books donated to library

Step 3: Find the Book Shelf Section the Book Belongs to

The library restores the book and will assign it a section to which the book belongs. Remember the bookshelf or you will have to manually search the shelves. If your book is assigned to a section you need to navigate to the section and choose your book to read it! 

You can find which section your book has been assigned by looking under its name. For example in the below image it has been assigned C section.

coral island book section

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